Freelance Photographers Struggles & Tips to Win


 There is no success without any struggle. Regardless of the field you chose to work in, you must roll up your sleeves, hustle hard, and overcome the challenges to outshine others. 
But let’s not forget that the struggle of a freelancer professional is more than others as they are on their own. And if you’re a freelance photographer, then get ready to do a bit more extra work to earn that deserved attention and recognition. 
In this post, we’re going to talk about the 5 most common struggles of a freelance photographer, how to deal with them, and ideal gifts for photographers, such as best photo editing software, that you can give someone loved one who is going through the struggle. 
Freelancer Photographer - A Lot to Brawl 
Before you start dreaming of enjoying great flexibility, competitive pay, full freedom to do experiments, and many other benefits that being a freelance photographer brings to the table, get ready to deal with the below-mentioned challenges. 
1. Struggle to prove your excellence 
Unless and until you’re not linked with a professional photography agency, it takes a lot to impress clients and fetch more projects. 
Asking for referrals is one thing and getting them is another. It’s like a gift for photographer! 
Not many of us consider photography a skilled job and think that we can click the masterpieces as they have iPhones and know basic editing. So, a freelance photographer has to struggle hard to prove inherited skills and excellence.  
Tip: If you’re not linked with a professional agency then don’t lose hope. You can still create a professional image. Create an impressive LinkedIn and Instagram profile and post your work regularly. These platforms are free of cost and can-do wonders if you utilized them well. 
2. Struggle to say ‘ No’ to free photoshoots  
If you manage to get referrals from friends and family, you’ll keep on getting requests for free photoshoots. 
‘Oh, come on! It’s not a big deal. You anyway need someone to build a portfolio. So, shoot us.’ 
This is something a freelance photographer will listen to too often. At times, these requests are too high that you become annoyed and end up questioning your existence.  
Tip: Don’t hesitate to deny such frequent requests. Be polite in the process.  
3. Struggle to maintain cash flow 
Work frequency is too erratic when you work as a freelancer. Few photography skills are also seasonal like wedding photography. So, freelance photographers have to struggle hard to get constant income. 
Tip: Try to diversify your skills. Don’t stick to one domain of photography so that you can get projects all around the year. 
4. Struggle to get competitive price 
As mentioned earlier, not many of us take freelancer photography seriously. Some of us even negotiate the price. Because of this mentality, freelancer photographers struggle hard to get the compensation that they deserve. 
Tip: Keep your price as per the industry’s standards and don’t entertain negotiations. We know that you might lose some projects that will help you create a professional image, which will pay off in the long run. 
5. Struggle to keep the software and tools updated 
Cash flow is inconsistent for freelancer photographers, and we have quoted this earlier as well. Because of the same reason, freelance photographers struggle hard to keep their software and tools updated. But we all know how crucial it is to have the latest photography equipment for a photographer, freelancer or otherwise, to hone their skills. So, there has to be a way out of this issue. 
Tip: It’s wise to save a certain portion of your total earnings for equipment updates. Try to use free software for editing and purposes. There is no dearth of such options in the market. You’re likely to get gifts from near and dear ones on a special occasion. So, instead of receiving less useful gifts, you can ask for photography gifts. Yes, you can certainly do that. 
Gladly, there is a whole range of affordable and highly useful gifts for photography lovers. We understand that you can’t demand gifts from everyone. But your parents and partner can certainly help you on this front. 

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