5 Best Wedding Photography Editing Tools

Analysts predict there will be 2.5 million weddings happening in 2022. Which events end up with the best photos will come down to the best wedding photography editing.
If you're a professional wedding photographer, you'll need a few useful editing tools to really make your shots stand out. Do you know the most effective ways to edit wedding photos?
The following guide will explore 5 of the best wedding photography tools available today.

1. Adobe Photography

Combining Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and a simple background remover gives wedding photographers endless creative freedom. It allows for total editing, pixel blending, retouches, and managing assets. You can get the whole Adobe bundle for only $10 each month. Lightroom offers mobile apps and cloud sync that are perfect for on-the-go situations. It also allows photographers to bulk edit and boasts the biggest professional preset library.

2. Backblaze

Photo backup is a wedding photographer's best friend and Backblaze is an excellent option. The software automatically grabs all of your folders and files and transfers them to a cloud backup after installation.
Backblaze offers users both continuous backup and full-disk backups for only $6 each month. You can download all of your files from Backblaze if your computer or drives get lost or stolen.

3. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a very qualified and affordable alternative to Adobe Photoshop. There are no subscription fees, but instead a one-time price of $54.99 for desktop or $21.99 for iPad.
The handy photo editing software offers exceptional tools for digital painting. It allows gives wedding photographers the option of raw editing, retouching, 3D image creation, and much more.

4. Nik Collection 4

Nik Collection 4 is made up of eight different plug-ins that can also function as standalone programs. The Analog Efex Pro is great for darkroom effects and Color Efex Pro is a massive filters suite.
Silver Efex Pro is a newly updated fantastic digital black and white plug-in with strong selective control points. The Viveza plugin is a simple local adjustment tool and the HDR Efex plugin handles HDR merging. The entire suite costs a one-time price of $149.

5. Exposure X7

Exposure X7 is an up-and-coming program that functions as a subtle and efficient editor and browsing tool. It focuses on analog film effects and arrives with a large preset library.
The software doesn't allow image layers to combine photos, but that usually doesn't matter for wedding photographers. Its main strength is its easy interface and straightforward tools.
It offers users non-destructive adjustments so that photographers can try out various looks for a single photo. You can add Exposure X7 to your photo editing tool belt for a one-time fee of $129.

Best Wedding Photography Editing

Now you know 5 of the best wedding photography editing tools available in 2022. Remember their features and choose the right one for your style or combine multiple tools to really get an edge on your competition!

We hope our guide helps you create memorable and breathtaking wedding photos for your clients. Check out the rest of our site for more fantastic tips and intriguing information.

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