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Catching up with Warwick Construction’s Walt Watzinger

The VP of Operations for Warwick Construction dishes on the best time to get things done, a typical work day and what advice he would give his younger self.

What's the most cherished item in your office?

It’s actually a bunch of things. I buy small trinkets or items from every place I vacation or travel to, they remind me why I do this and give me incentive to do it again.

What's your favorite time to get things done?

I’m a morning person. Usually awake by 4 a.m., yeah, I know, sleep has never been a friend of mine.

What's the soundtrack that plays in the background of your office?

Be careful. You can catch me listening to Phantom of the Opera one day and deadmau5 the next—I enjoy all music but you can usually tell how my day is going by what I am currently listening to. Probably not a good time to visit if I am listening to Five Finger Death Punch.

Name the band you cannot take off your playlist.

Coldplay, Chris Isaac, Barry White, Aretha Franklin—Don’t make me choose.

What does a typical workday look like?

We start at 7 a.m. at Warwick and I have a one hour commute each way. We work nationally so I am calling the east coast on the way in, and the west coast on the way out. There is no “typical” day and that appeals to my ADHD. I seem to thrive in chaos, or create my own if things are too quiet.

What's the craziest thing that has ever happened to you on a job site?

Nothing surprises me anymore in construction. I don’t have a craziest moment—and hope I never do.

What are you binge watching right now?

Just finished watching Night Agent, I love a good fast paced mystery….

What's the coolest thing you have done since the pandemic hit?

Rode Sturgis last year. Rode through the west Texas desert this last month. Finally made it to the Big Bend and West Texas area on my motorcycle. Definitely “food for my soul.”

What has this experience taught you?

That I need to get out on my bike more. But I knew that already, just gotta win that lottery to finance my addiction.

If you knew what was going to happen, what would you have done differently?

There was a lot of uncertainty when it came to construction. We were only away from the office for a couple of weeks and didn’t really have much of a shut down, so probably wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Favorite comfort food.

A good ole fashioned hamburger! Stack it with as much bacon and cheese as you can find, top it with a fried egg and you have a winner. Oh, some garlic fries on the side won’t go to waste either.

Best advice you ever received?

Listen more than you speak.

Biggest influence in your life?

That’s a tough one. I have too many people and experiences to mention.

What trait do you most admire?

A big comfortable smile! It just makes everything better.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Travel more. Stop and smell the roses. Buy as much Bitcoin as you can.


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