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While construction and technical skills are the primary focus for the next generation of workers, ConstructEDU Student Insider (CEDU) is designed to supplement their education by providing content that dives into the business of the commercial construction industry.


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Business Side of Construction

While construction and technical skills are crucial, understanding the business side of the industry is equally important. CEDU is your guide to discovering the ins and outs of commercial construction and renovation, including emerging technologies, regulatory issues, and more. Such as emerging technologies, regulatory issues and other factors shaping the diverse industry’s future. CEDU also features insights and profiles from industry thought leaders on the trends and challenges affecting the marketplace.

Emerging Technologies

In the rapidly evolving construction industry, staying up-to-date with emerging technologies is essential. CEDU keeps you informed about the latest advancements that are shaping the future of construction, ensuring you’re prepared for what lies ahead.

Navigating Regulatory Challenges

Regulations play a significant role in the construction industry. CEDU provides insights into the ever-changing regulatory landscape, helping you understand how these factors impact the industry and your future career.

Industry Insights and Thought Leaders

CEDU isn’t just about information; it’s about gaining valuable insights from industry thought leaders. Explore profiles and interviews with experts who share their perspectives on the trends and challenges affecting the construction marketplace.

A deep dive into workforce predictions for 2024

As the commercial construction industry’s skilled workforce challenges continue, a number of skills training, employer-employee dynamics and recruitment strategies are emerging. Workforce development 501(c)(3) nonprofit America Succeeds took a deep

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