Unique Storage ideas for small spaces on a budget

Unique Storage ideas for small spaces on a budget

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Many homeowners complain of storage troubles and lack of space in their homes. For some, this problem stems from living in a small single-family home or studio apartment with lesser storage spaces. For others, the issue stems from their mismanagement, clutter-creating habits, and lack of organizing skills.
Either way, living in a cluttered and crowded space casts a negative impact on our life quality. We spend our days finding lost items and replacing lost items after losing the will to find them. We struggle to carve out a relaxing ambiance to unwind amidst a cluttered home crowded with unnecessary items and junk.
If you’re actively looking for storage ideas, you’ve already decided to channel positivity in an organized space. You see, you don’t want to crowd your studio apartment with items as it will leave little living space to enjoy.
Luckily, there’s a wealth of unique and clever storage ideas that don’t cost an arm and a leg. You don’t have to head out on a shopping spree at Home Depot. Keep reading to explore brilliant storage solutions to organize and declutter a small space.

Aggressive Decluttering

Here’s a solution that will cost you nothing: declutter the junk and eliminate all unuseful and unwanted items. As the wise Marie Kondo says, “Discard everything that doesn’t spark joy.”
Now, you don’t necessarily have to hug every single item to see if it sparks joy or tickles your heartbeat. But sorting out all the things overflowing in your kitchen, drawing room, and living room will make the process simpler. You can create ample storage space by decluttering and discarding items that don’t offer any utility.
Start by decluttering the garage and attic – the two spaces that are notorious for clutter and junk. You can host a yard sale with all the furniture, appliances, and other items you no longer need. It’s a clever idea to raise money that you can put towards adding cabinets, shelves, and racks to your apartment.

Creating a Home for Everything

What’s the easiest way to make sure you never lose anything and nothing ever ventures out of its place? It’s simple: create a home for all the items you own. Clothing and accessories must go in your wardrobe and drawers and never outside the confines of these spaces. Similarly, the kitchen and pantry must only serve as a home for appliances, ingredients, and cooking-specific items.
The drawing and living rooms commonly end up managing the clutter of the entire house. You can eliminate this issue by investing in cabinets, shelves, and racks to create a well-organized home for everything. Shelves and cabinets will create an elaborate arrangement for sorting books, CDs and records, crockery, and decorative items.

Invest in Shelves

If you don’t have ample floor space in your home, shelves are ideal for creating ample storage spaces. Shelves add a natural wood texture and a rustic countryside vibe to elevate the interior of any given room. You can invest in affordable shelves from your local hardware store or the Home Depot.
However, if you’re looking to cut costs as much as possible, we recommend taking the DIY route. You can easily create floor-to-ceiling shelves or hang up an assortment of shelves on the wall.
You can experiment with wooden textures and variety to increase the comfort and value of your property. We recommend mounting shelves near the doorway or close to the bed for an aesthetically pleasing presentation.
Generally, higher shelves serve as a more functional and visually appealing fix for books, decorative items, crockery, and more. You can create lower shelves for the kids’ playroom and other areas where accessibility is of paramount significance. Most homeowners invest in decorative boxes to play up their shelves and create an artful ambiance.

Cabinets with Sneaky Storage Solutions

Can you afford to undertake a cabinet renovation in your home? Or perhaps, you can take the DIY route and create functional cabinets yourself? Either way, this is a super-functional solution that’s worth considering.
Cabinets will make your space more functional and well-organized, particularly in the kitchen. A kitchen pantry cabinet will make your life much easier and enjoyable. With a rotatable cabinet, you won’t have to clean multiple times after spilling condiments while accessing jars tucked at the back-end.
A cabinet pantry with multiple shelves, dividers, and rotatable units will house all your spices, condiments, and food ingredients. It will create a highly efficient organization, leaving the countertops clean and clear of clutter.
Besides, cabinets allow you to sneak in clever storage solutions, such as slide-out shelves and drawers. You can also invest in rotatable racks and Lazy Susans to make items in your pantry and closet more organized and accessible.

Untapped Storage Spaces

All homes have untapped storage spaces that homeowners are blissfully unaware of, even after years of living in the property. Have you exhausted all the storage space under your bed? It’s the best spot to store all your out-of-season clothes and other items. You can invest in storage bins, boxes, and plastic containers to keep things safe and out of sight.
You can also find hidden storage space in the space beneath the staircase, in the attic, and garage. Again, creating shelves and racks will help you use all storage space effectively. You won’t have to clutter and crowd up your garage if you have shelves to organize the items neatly.
All high shelves and sections in your closet serve as storage spaces to minimize the clutter. You can also invest in furniture that comes with built-in storage, such as ottomans. The closet door can also serve as storage space if you invest in adhesive and mounting hooks. These hooks are instrumental in hanging handbags, jewelry, and even clothing items.


Organizing and decluttering your small apartment is not a costly endeavor. If you believe that, you’re probably exploring the wrong resources that encourage you to spend money. Maintaining a neat, tidy, and well-organized home doesn’t require acres of living space or a tree that grows hundred dollar bills.
All it takes is a determination to actively declutter and make sure everything is in its place before the day ends. When you create a home for everything you own, you won’t find it out of place and crowding your home.

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