Tips For Relocating Your Office

Tips For Relocating Your Office

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Relocating an entire office can be an arduous task. From choosing the new office space and organizing the logistics of your move to deciding what furnishings and office supplies to keep, there’s no shortage of things to consider.

If you do it right, relocating your business headquarters can open doors to growth. Plus, it’ll help boost productivity levels. After all, who doesn’t like a jolt of fresh energy at their workplace?

So, whether you’re moving across town or the state, here are some tips to make the process stress-free and successful.

Plan your office relocation

We all realize that corporate-level relocation isn’t an overnight job. You’ll need to begin planning for the move months in advance. Below are the areas you must focus on.

  • Assess your business needs and goals

Take some time to sit down with your team and analyze your current workspace. What works well? What doesn’t? Is it conducive to the company’s goals?

Moving is an ideal opportunity to consider how you’d like the new space to look and feel. Do you want more open desk space or private offices? Answering questions like this will help you narrow your choices and find a suitable space.

  • Research moving companies in your area

Finding the right company to help with your move is paramount. You’ll want to do a thorough background check and look at reviews online. Ask for referrals or recommendations from people in your network who’ve had successful office relocations. For instance, people have some excellent things to say about the Coleman Moving Company. You can check out the reviews on their website.

  • Choose a suitable location

Consider your current location and nearby areas that fit the bill. Choosing a place with easy access via public transport, a safe environment, and amenities like restaurants and stores is essential. If the change in location is significant, you’ll also want to ensure that there’s an active talent pool if you’re looking for workers.

  • Set a realistic timeline

An essential part of the planning process is setting a realistic timeline for when you’ll move. Set dates for packing, moving staff and furniture, and when you’ll be up and running in the new office. Remember, the longer the timeline, the higher the setback.

Budget for your office move

According to many business owners, budgeting is one of the most critical and challenging parts of relocating an office. But it’s also an unavoidable factor. So, here are a few tips to help you go about it.

  • Estimate Your relocation costs

The total cost of your move will depend on the size of your office, how much stuff you have to transport, if you’re using a moving company, and other factors. Make sure to account for all the costs, including packing materials, insurance premiums, transfer fees, and more. Be sure to get quotes from a few moving companies and compare prices.

  • Allocate resources efficiently

Once you have an estimate of your relocation costs, start making a budget. Allocate funds for individual parts of the move, and track your expenses. You want to ensure that you don’t overspend or go over budget. Use software and apps like FreshBooks to help you track and budget costs.

  • Have a contingency plan for unexpected expenses

No matter how prepared you are, unexpected expenses are inevitable. From broken furniture to additional packing supplies, you should factor in an extra 20% of your budget for any surprises. You can also purchase insurance to protect yourself against any potential losses.

Prepare your staff for the move

The success of your office move largely depends on how prepared your staff is. Give them ample notice and provide clear instructions on what must be done. Follow these tips for a smooth transition.

  • Communicate with your employees

Keep your staff informed throughout the entire process. Communicate any deadlines, changes, and updates to them promptly. Your employees will also feel more comfortable if you give them accurate information at every step. It’ll help them make arrangements before the moving day.

  • Assign responsibilities to your team members

Have each of your staff members responsible for specific tasks. For instance, you can assign an employee to pack up the office supplies, while another takes charge of organizing the furniture and electronic equipment.

It’ll do more than just speed up the process. Your employees will feel more appreciated and empowered.

  • Promote remote working

You can’t afford to have your staff out of action during the move. So, consider allowing them to work remotely until you set up in the new office. It could reduce any potential disruption to your workflow. Also, allow them a grace period to make necessary changes to their routines when the new office is up and running.

Set up your new office space

Now that you’ve relocated, the next step is getting your new office ready. It is the most exciting part of the process. Creating a space that is comfortable, efficient, and reflects your brand is essential.

  • Install and configure your IT infrastructure

A functional IT infrastructure is crucial for any business. It keeps your staff productive and ensures that the business is running smoothly. Check your IT systems before the move, so you don’t encounter any problems when setting up in the new office.

You’ll need to install new hardware and configure your software, so it’s best to hire an expert. It might cost a bit more, but doing so will save you time and energy in the long run.

  • Set up your furniture

Once your IT systems are in place, it’s time to furnish the new office. You can either bring over all of your furniture or buy new ones. Make sure to create an ergonomic space for your employees. It means investing in quality chairs and desks, depending on your budget. Try and make your space more inviting and homely by adding plants. Decorate your walls with artwork, photographs, or motivational quotes.

  • Test and fine-tune your office systems

Testing your systems and fine-tuning them as needed is always a good idea. Take time to see if everything is working, from the computers to the phone lines. Make sure that there are no technical issues before you get started with your business operations.

Ensure you get the best internet plans suitable for your business. You should also consider setting up security systems and access control to ensure the safety of your office.


Relocating an office is a huge undertaking. It requires careful planning and preparation, from organizing the logistics to managing your team. We recommend seeking professional help where needed, such as IT and security systems installations. It’ll save you time, energy, and money in the long run. By following these tips, you can ensure a hassle-free move and get your business up and running quickly.

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