Miron’s Dream Project program helps employees strive for more in life

Miron’s Dream Project program helps employees strive for more in life. The Miron corporate office is located in Neenah, Wis.

Many companies try to help employees reach their goals, but not many organizations take it as seriously as Miron Construction Co. Inc. Miron, headquartered in Neenah, Wis., has created an environment that encourages employees to discover and accomplish their personal dreams, all through its Dream Project program. Miron’s current dream coach, Eric Marcoe, has been in the role since June 2015 (the program was launched in 2013), and his sole responsibility is to meet with employees during regular work hours to help them discover their full potential.
Marcoe doesn’t provide advice, but instead follows a true coaching philosophy, which views the individual as already having all of the answers. Marcoe believes people merely need someone to assist in uncovering them, and that’s where coaching comes in.
“My favorite part of being a dream coach is seeing individuals get excited about their lives, excited to share the direction in which they are moving, excited to gain clarity in what they are thinking and feeling, and excited to discover an opportunity that wasn’t apparent two minutes prior,” explained Marcoe.
Marcoe’s background is in Adult Education and Development; prior to becoming Miron’s dream coach, he worked as an organizational development consultant for Ministry Health Care. He has spent more than a decade coaching in one capacity or another—sales, professional development, leadership, and personal coaching. Marcoe says it’s the difference he sees people making in their lives that keeps him coming back.
“I believe coaching found me and I was both lucky and aware enough to recognize that I truly enjoy it and see the value it brings to people’s lives,” Marcoe says.
Miron’s Dream Project program is completely free to employees. Those who work for the company can meet with Miron’s Dream Coach on company time, as often as they want, as long as they continue to fulfill the responsibilities of their position at Miron.
The way this unique program is structured is up to the individual. There is no set number of sessions a person needs to attend as they venture through the program.
“Some meet with me weekly, while others do so monthly, and some simply stop in as the need arises,” Marcoe says.
Marcoe believes the real purpose behind this program is to help people grow as individuals. In fact, from session to session, he can notice a difference in the people who come to see him. Although the topics may change from one meeting to the next, it’s still apparent that they are making progress.
“Coaching places the value in the individual; it’s not the coach who sets the agenda for the meeting,” Marcoe says. “I open every session with the question, ‘How would you like to use our time today?’ The individual sets the agenda based on what will serve them best at that particular moment in time.”
With so much freedom in the program, one may wonder how success is measured. How can you even tell if this program is working? For Marcoe, the answer is simple. He says every situation is different, some people may be happier or more fulfilled after a session, but the biggest change comes in one’s awareness, and that’s where Marcoe believes the growing truly begins.
“Becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings and then recognizing how they are serving you is where most people begin their journey,” Marcoe says.
For many, that awareness allows them to recognize who they are and who they want to be. It’s that type of self-awareness that ultimately leads people to becoming happier in life and closer to fulfilling dreams they may have never thought possible.
This clarity allows for more creative and open thinking, which is Miron’s goal and reasoning for providing this program to employees. The company wants its employees to be more mindful of themselves and the world around them, so they can offer the best work possible when they’re on the clock.
“Coaching allows people to grow both professionally and personally, which helps both at work and at home,” Marcoe says. “Some days are more emotionally charged than others, but every day I have the opportunity to see individuals learn more about themselves.”
The coaching program is not only beneficial to the people using the service and Miron Construction as a business, it also benefits Marcoe on a personal level. He says every day is a new learning opportunity and helps him grow as a person, just like those he’s trying to help through the program.
“It’s amazing how much the individuals I work with teach me about myself and help me to see things differently,” Marcoe says. “This program really is changing people’s lives each and every day at Miron and I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of that journey. Miron has always had a unique culture, but this program is bringing it to an entirely new level.”

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