How to write effective texts for Instagram?

How to write effective texts for Instagram?

Text is an extremely important tool of influence for people who are connected with business and sales. It is very important to master the basic principles of strong text because without following these rules you cannot effectively use more complex tools of copywriting and your posts will not be popular. In this article, we'll consider the key rules of strong text, which are universal, and you can apply them in social networks, websites, or other advertising.
A preparatory stage for creating a content plan
It's no secret that a well-designed profile is the first step in any marketing strategy that helps keep the audience's attention and increases the value of the content. So, it is important to create the right positioning in the profile description, buy real Instagram followers to create an initial audience, and put an attractive avatar.
In social media, there are different styles of writing. There is blogging, where people creatively express themselves. There are selling posts, where you bring a person through a chain of touches with content to a sale. If you sell, you have to think about what is interesting to people, what they want to hear so that your texts are read, liked, commented and saved. 
It's important to determine the pains, needs, goals, desires of your audience and, based on that, identify the key topics of your posts. It is worth taking into account that people who come into a particular field to learn, are newcomers and know almost nothing. You should be guided by this when you write your posts.
Where can you get ideas for content?
One of the methods for expanding the topics of posts is competitor analysis. To do this, you need to find your major competitors and see what their topics are the most in-demand. This can be determined by the number of likes, comments, and it's effective to make posts on similar topics. 
It is important to prepare in advance a list of topics for posts and write only in a resourceful state. Your mood is more important to the text than your technical skills. Your emotional state can be read between the lines and people can sense it.  It is important to find the topic that resonates with you and with people. When these factors are combined, quality and engaging texts for social networks are obtained. 
When you start learning this new skill, don't expect quick results.
How to make the text comfortable for perception?
There are basic things that make your text easy and effective to read. First of all, these are headings and subheadings in the text.  The first task of the headline is to sell the person the whole text. If you don't write an engaging headline, people will simply ignore your post, because won't be interested in it. There are several popular techniques for creating headlines: intriguing, question headlines, informational headlines, etc.
In addition to headings, the text needs subheadings. Now people are overwhelmed by the flow of information, so they tend to read in fragments. The purpose of subheadings is to set direction to the next statement, so put the key idea of the paragraph in the subheading. 
If we imagine the text, it has only two colors black and white, but when we put special characters in it, they are very contrasting against this picture. Use emoticons to accentuate certain points in the text, convey the desired emotion, and mark advantages.
How to engage the audience with text?
At the end of each text, it's important to give people some kind of targeted action. When we leave something for people to figure out on their own, a smaller percentage of people do it. 
Before writing a text, it is important to decide the purpose of a particular Instagram post. For example, if you want the post to get the most reach, you need to write a useful post and encourage people to save it. It's also effective to buy Instagram followers, likes, and comments to create social proof. This will attract and retain more attention as people engage and respond to popular content. The second goal is to get people into the interaction. As to sell successfully on social networks, you need to engage people in conversation. The next goal is direct selling, where you make selling calls to action. The key factor is to write the desired targeted action in the imperative: save the post, write in a comment, call a number, write in Direct.
To sum up Instagram, like all social networks, is a platform where people do not come to buy. Therefore, it is important to write texts in a conversational style so that they are understood by the target audience. Style is born of experience, so give yourself time to develop a new skill. Develop observation and read classic, business literature as well as articles on the Internet.

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