How To install An Epoxy Floor

How To install An Epoxy Floor

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Epoxy coating done right takes a lot of preparation, but there are a lot of benefits. Epoxy flooring is eco friendly and also one of the toughest and most durable surfaces to have on your floor. It’s cheaper than tile and more durable than wood flooring. Epoxy coating is extremely popular for garages and it’s also become a staple for modern designers. It’s important that you have the right materials for your job before you get started, it’s also important to make sure you have the right type of epoxy and that your concrete surface isn’t deteriorated too much so that the epoxy can properly bond and adhere to the concrete. Installing epoxy properly is a difficult project, but it can be accomplished if you are prepared and have the right instructions to follow.

How to choose your epoxy floor colors

You can have multiple different colors in a metallic floor or flakes in a standard flake floor. Typically between 2 and 4 metallic colors or flake colors.

Epoxy floor installation process

Concrete Surface Prep

Prepping the concrete the right way is 80% of the battle when it comes to proper floor installation so you have to have an experienced contractor. If you are looking for a start to finish guide on how to prep a garage floor for epoxy, floor shields has a nice guide. It is imperative to properly prepare the concrete surface. For now, all you need to know is that prep is imperative and if it doesn’t get completed the right way, the epoxy will not bond and you will have an uneven or peeling floor.

Applying The Moisture barrier

Epoxy coatings are not breathable, any dampness that can relocate up and through the surface can make the epoxy fizzle. The epoxy can knock, air pocket or strip. Dampness boundaries come in various plans on the number of pounds of hydrostatic weight they can withstand.

Mixing epoxy Resin

Following the mixture ratios on the box from wherever you purchase the epoxy. There is always a part A and B. Poor the appropriate amounts into a bucket from home depot and then mix them together fast for two to three minutes before applying.

Applying the epoxy

Once you are done mixing, coat the floor using a squeegee similar to what you would use to paint large surfaces. Wearing spiked shoes and roller, back roll the entire surface to ensure even distribution of the epoxy. This is your solid color base coat so it’s not imperative that it is perfectly distributed.
Applying The Final Clear Coat Plus Grit Additive
This is the final step in an epoxy floor and one of the most important. This seals the floor and makes it last and be extremely durable. Apply the clear coat only after the last coat has fully dried.

Epoxy Benefits: Pros

Long lasting, durable, cost effective, Epoxy floors are timeless and beautiful as well as highly customizable. The amount of variations you can do is limitless. From different metallic color pigments to even adding glitter flakes or standard color flakes. These floors can last for a century.

Cons to epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors are are extremely difficult to install and can be tough to replicate. According to The Concrete Guy, an expert epoxy flooring installer located in Eden Prairie Minnesota, epoxy is a great material and has more customization than almost any other type of standard floor.


Epoxy floors are  a great choice for floor installation because they look good, are durable and also cost effective, however, they really need to be installed with attention to detail. Follow guides, watch videos and procure the right materials prior to trying this at home, otherwise you should contact a professional epoxy installation company.

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