Guide to Facebook Content Marketing for Architects

Guide to Facebook Content Marketing for Architects

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In today’s digital era architects should have well-crafted, professional social media pages to capture the attention of potential clients and prospective employees. Among the various platforms available, Facebook is considered to be one of the best options for architects. It provides a broad range of features such as targeted advertisements, versatile content-sharing options, and different ways to interact with followers. Thus, we can surely say that Facebook plays a significant role in the success of architects.

However, to distinguish you from the competition, having a robust content strategy is essential. Architecture professionals must determine the type of posts that their audience expects, follow a specific communicative style, and plan their posts in advance. To ensure high-quality content, it’s critical to leverage professional 3D architectural rendering and photography tools like 3DMax.

All in all, developing an effective content marketing plan on Facebook is crucial for architects, and we want to share some tips on how to do it effectively.

Optimize your business page

  1. A proper page naming. It should be unique and recognizable so that the user easily finds you, for instance, it can be the name of the brand.
  2. Custom URL. If you customize the URL to match the company name, finding it in a search will be easier and more efficient for your strategy.
  3. Cover and profile image. The cover should be related to the brand, it can be a product photo or the happy faces of your clients. Because the cover photo is usually changed more often than the profile picture, it is a great place to highlight ongoing campaigns, quick sales, discounts, loyalty programs, and other promotions. It is most appropriate to put the official company logo on the profile picture and copyright.
  4. Completeness of the profile. It is essential for the business page to be useful and contain comprehensive information about your services and experience. If the more complete the profile is, the more professional it will look.
  5. Pay special attention to the “Information” section. This is an excellent opportunity to inform users about the benefits of your business, as well as places where they can find your company, such as your official website and other social media pages. It’s worth including your business phone numbers and email addresses. It’s important to offer customers a choice of communication methods to choose the most convenient one.
  6. A call-to-action button. It can be “Register”, “Contact us”, “Use the app”, “Play the game”, “Buy now”, or “Watch the video” and so on to enable visitors to purchase.

Introduce your expert team

Architectural projects always require collaborative efforts, demanding the input and expertise of a team. For this reason, it’s beneficial to show team members in a regular series of Facebook posts. This approach can help demonstrate the size of your company, and the qualifications of its employees, and give the audience a glimpse into the human side of the company, including team members’ interests and hobbies outside of work.

Highlighting team members not only gives them well-deserved recognition but also presents an opportunity to promote your company’s areas of expertise and core values. Facebook provides a unique platform for architects to promote their services and values in a subtle, non-intrusive way, without coming across as overtly advertising their services.

Show the backstage process of daily tasks execution

A peek into an architect’s typical day-to-day work routine can make for an engaging Facebook post. Sharing behind-the-scenes content in the form of a short video can be particularly compelling, as people enjoy seeing authentic glimpses of a company’s inner workings. This type of content, often used by writers from the writing service Trust My Paper, can provide valuable insights into an architecture firm’s workflow, approach to client interactions, communication style, and more. By showcasing these details, prospective clients can form a positive impression of the business, which can help sway their decision when considering whether to hire the firm.

Give professional reviews of area trends

Sharing thoughts on industry news and trends is an excellent way for architects to show their professional knowledge and expertise on Facebook. By providing expert opinions on various trendy topics architects can position themselves as thought leaders in the industry. It is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and news in the field and share valuable insights with followers, just like writing service reviews All Top Reviews share overviews of the best writing services and specialists.

In addition, sharing tips on various industry-related topics can help attract and engage new audiences. By discussing design elements architects can provide valuable guidance to homeowners and other potential clients. Providing trendy interior design combinations as ideas for home renovations can also show the firm’s creativity and ability to find unique solutions.

It is important to strike a balance between sharing industry-related content and promotional material. Consistently posting helpful tips and expert opinions will help to establish the firm as a reliable source of information and strengthen its reputation in the industry.

Publish success case studies

While Facebook pages of architecture companies often showcase sleek, flawless photos of their completed projects, there is a growing demand for more. Watching the construction process unfold can be just as captivating, if not more so. This presents you with an opportunity to create compelling content by capturing the on-site work and sharing fascinating facts with the audience.

You can publish the unique design of the structure, the number of materials required, and the challenges associated with working in specific locations. Additionally, time-lapse videos of massive projects are particularly effective at generating views and engagement.

Demonstrate ready projects in action

Sharing photos and videos of completed architectural projects in use is an excellent way for architects to demonstrate the real-world impact of their work on Facebook. By showcasing how buildings and other structures fulfill their purpose, architects can demonstrate their ability to meet the needs of their clients and create functional spaces.

To add a storytelling element to these posts, you can also feature actual people using the space. This helps to convey the human element of architecture and how it impacts the lives of those who inhabit the space. By highlighting the user experience, you can show that your team cares about creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also functional and comfortable. In this way, you can create engaging content that demonstrates the progress of a project and the transformation of a space.

Bottom line

Facebook is a widely popular social network with large audiences from all over the world, which opens up great opportunities for businesses. The result of Facebook’s success as a marketing tool depends not just on the activity of promotion but also on the depth of knowledge of customer expectations and behavior. By implementing a meticulously crafted content strategy on Facebook, your architecture business can significantly elevate its online presence and reach unprecedented heights.

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