Garage Door Trends Add to Homes Curb Appeal

Garage Door Trends Add to Homes Curb Appeal

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The front of your home is one of the most important areas. It is the first thing you and your guest see when they pull up to the driveway so it is important that the front of your home looks its best. One of the quickest ways to improve the aesthetics of the front of your house is to upgrade your garage door. Garage doors are often an overlooked upgrade for many homeowners, but your garage door is often of the biggest outdoor fixtures of your house. Installing a new garage door can drastically improve curb appeal and add significant value to your home. Here are a few garage door trends that will help add value to your property.

Aluminum Framed Glass and Steel Doors 
Ray Dal Soglio is a garage door installer for A Always Open Garage Doors in Scottsdale Arizona. 2021 has been a busy year for his company as they have worked on hundreds of garage doors this year.  

Dal Soglio said aluminum framed glass doors have been the most popular garage door in 2021. These garage doors have a frameless presentation and are made with either clear, tinted or frosted glass.  

This garage door work best with modern style homes that are growing increasingly popular. 

“These glass garage doors fit perfectly with a new-aged home,” Dal Soglio said. “These garage doors come with big windows and come in a variety of tints. I have seen people get frosted tints or even people with sports cars going for a clear tint window to show off their rides.” 

Dave Krzyak is the owner of Palm Valley Garage Doors in Goodyear Arizona, he has been installing glass garage doors in high-income neighborhoods. 

“Glass is perfect for well-to-do home owners and anyone who wants to show of their garage space,” Krzyak said. “We have even had clients who install garage doors in the front and back of their garage with a frosted tint in the front and a clear tint in the back. The homeowner wanted privacy in the front of his home but still wanted to be see his luxury cars while he had guests in the backyard.”   
Glass garage doors have a high upfront cost but are easy to maintain once installed. They are made of sturdy glass and will not break easily. 
Glass garage doors can serve as the perfect centerpiece to a modern home. 

Randy Swigert is the owner of Tri City Garage Doors in Fort Collins Colorado. He said his customers prefer steel garage doors with a dark black or gray finish.   
“Steel doors are really popular in places like Colorado because they are thick, sturdy, and easy to maintain,” Swigert said. “Steel doors are also more insulated so it helps keep your garage warmer during the winter months.” 

Swigert went on to say the black and gray garage doors have become more popular because many homeowners want a change of pace from the typical beige and desert tan colors that are so common today. 

“These dark black and dark gray colors are just really strong colors and make a create contrast to what you see in your typical garage door,” Swigert said. “People want their homes to stand out and the darker garage door colors are a great way to do that.” 

Wood/Faux Wood Garage Doors  
Farm house and rustic-ranch style homes have become an increasingly popular option for many homeowners. A rustic home needs a garage to match it, which is why wood garage doors are the best option for these homes. 

“Wood garage doors have become very popular,” Krzyak said. “The natural wood style gives your home a genuine farm house look that is appealing to homeowners across the country.”  
Wood garage doors are custom made, use custom colors, and use a variety of wood styles. Cedar, redwood and fir are the most popular woods styles used to make custom garage doors. 
Dal Soglio said wood garage doors are a beautiful addition to any barn-style home, but he said many homeowners may want to avoid them due to their high upkeep. 

“They require a lot of maintenance because wood has a tendency to rot,” Dal Soglio said. “They look great but they are heavier which means you need to invest in heavier springs for the door and bring a repair man in more frequently to make sure the door is working properly. 

Swigert said he would not recommend wood doors to anyone that lives in really rainy or snowy environments.  

“Moisture is not good for wood garage doors, so I would not recommend them in any place that has a lot of rain or snow,” Swigert said. “It just requires a lot more maintenance to prevent rot from ruining your garage door.

Krzyak said anyone with a wood garage door should contact their installer every six months instead of the 12 month inspections needed for other garage doors. 
Another option that can give your garage door that wood look without the high maintenance is faux-wood garage doors. These doors give the same color and texture of real wood doors at a smaller cost and less upkeep. 

“Faux wood is really popular because you can maintain that rustic look without having to invest in the upfront cost and maintenance cost of real wood,” Dal Soglio said. “It is a really good choice for most homeowners, but some of our customers want to stick with real wood garage doors and both are great options.” 

One of the best ways to add curb appeal to your home is upgrading your garage door. It is one of the most visually prominent spaces of your house and there are many different garage door styles to match any style of home. Upgrading your garage door is a worthwhile investment that can improve the look of your home. 

Max Lancaster is a freelance writer in Tempe Arizona. 

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