Functional and Fabulous: Furniture Solutions for Small Spaces

Small living spaces are gathering a lot of positive reception from people these days. Small homes are becoming attractive due to their easy updatability. Changing out the seasonal decor or installing new furniture you’ve purchased from furniture stores is a breeze. However, managing numerous decorations and furniture in a small space can be overwhelming.

In this article, we’ll cover some awesome furniture solutions to ensure that you can maximize the use of every space in a small living area.

What Makes Small Living Spaces Appealing?

Before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s first understand why small living spaces are charming to some people. What is their appeal? What is it about small living spaces that uniquely charms people? With that said, here are some of the top reasons why people are starting to enjoy living in small living spaces.

1. Easy to Decorate, Easy to Update

Small living spaces are easy to update in terms of appearance. There is not much space to work with, which means it is easier to install and remove decorations when necessary. For example, you can easily install and remove holiday decorations during the season and after the occasion.

2. Budget-Friendly

Many standard homes and apartment units are on the pricier side of the scale. In comparison, a small living quarter is just a fraction of their cost. This means you will have more money left over after purchasing a small apartment unit. You can use the remaining cash to buy related items for your new home, such as furniture from furniture stores in Texas.

3. Every Space is Used to its Fullest

One advantage that small living quarters tend to have over large homes is that every space is used to its fullest. Whatever you have purchased from furniture stores can be used to make your tiny home look cozy and welcoming. For example, if you have an empty corner in your small living quarter, you can place a large porcelain vase that you have purchased from the store. 

You’ll station that vase in the empty corner so that aside from the space getting used up, you add a bit of color and personality to that area.

Furniture Solutions to Fully Use Every Space

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There are plenty of ways you can adorn or deck out your small living place. In this section, you’ll get to learn a few ideas that you can consider when you’re decorating and setting up your tiny living spot. Here are some of the suggestions as listed:

1. Use Murphy Beds

Murphy beds make a welcome addition to your home if you’ve managed to buy one from furniture stores. For those who are not familiar, a Murphy bed is both a sofa and a bed. In the daytime hours, the bed is retracted into the frame, with the sofa side being visible. However, once it’s bedtime; you can pull out the bed. In the process, the sofa part of the furniture is now hidden from view.

One great advantage of Murphy beds is their suitability for spaces too small for a regular-sized bed. One creative use for it is to station it in front of your television inside your small living quarters. In the daytime hours, you can sit on the couch and watch your favorite shows. At night, pull down the bed and lie down to relax.

2. Addition of a Furniture Loft

A furniture loft is only applicable if your small living quarters happen to have a lot of vertical space. In short, a very high ceiling. The loft is best summed up as a platform that you can install inside your small quarters. There are plenty of ways that you can use the new space provided by the platform and the underside of the loft. For example, you can convert the underside of the loft into your office whereas the top platform will be your sleeping area.

  • Alternatively, you can utilize the furniture loft as a functional space akin to the attics found in larger homes. It should serve as your home’s storage area, very handy if you’re keeping boxes of spare items or seasonal decorations. In turn, you could transform the lower half of the loft into your sleeping area or living room; depending on your preferences.

3. Concealed Kitchens

In small homes, kitchens often feel incomplete due to insufficient space to accommodate all kitchen appliances. Fortunately, if you search hard enough in furniture stores; you might stumble upon concealed kitchens. These kitchens tend to take the appearance of an unassuming box when first placed in your small living quarters.

However, the big surprise comes when you unfold the box. It will reveal a complete and functioning kitchen set inside it; from the oven to the fridge. You can fold it into a box again when the kitchen is not in use.

  • Another variant of these kitchens is the pop-up kitchens. They share the same mechanics of how to open them. However, pop-up kitchens tend to resemble wall closets instead of a box that you can fold out. They are opened and closed the same way you’d do to your closets.

4. Use Expanding Tables

Another item that you’d want to keep your eyes peeled for in furniture stores are the Expanding Tables. An expanding table is best summed up as a table with additional pieces that you can add. The smallest form is good as a study desk while at its largest, it can function as a dining table to your small living quarters.

You can also explore ideas with expanding tables. Outside of using it as a desk or a dining table, some homeowners have used them as side pieces. An example would be a decorative expanding table on the corner. And on top of the said table is a potted succulent alongside a few framed photographs.

5. Add More Accents Through Paintings and Decorations

Even the tiniest living spaces require decorations to add a personal touch. You can adorn the walls of your tiny home with photographs or paintings. You can also place porcelain plates inside cabinets or atop shelves. You can never go wrong with accent items in decorating your small spaces.

Give your Little Space a Personal Charm

Living in tiny quarters is a trend that’s continuing to grow due to them being cheap and easy to decorate. However, decorating your little home can be a tricky prospect especially if you’re doing it for the first time. You can take a page or two from the ideas provided here if you want an easier time giving your tiny home that distinct charm.

After all, your end goal is to ensure that your home is welcoming, cozy, and appealing to the eyes with decorations that define your preferences.

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