Fanciest Features of World’s 5 Most Luxurious Casinos

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Casinos have always been venues for the rich and famous to play with their money, so it is not a surprise that they are some of the world's most dazzling places. 
The world has very luxurious casinos and hotels ranging from Las Vegas in the West to Macau in the East.
The luxury and extravagance at these casinos would blow you away, and they are only getting bigger and better. What makes these casinos luxurious is the features they have? The following are some of the fanciest features of the world's most luxurious casinos:

Water Fountain at Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

It would be a colossal injustice to exclude Las Vegas from a list of the world's most luxurious casinos. The city is home to some of the fanciest and most extravagant casinos ever built. What sets the Bellagio apart from other casinos is its water fountains, a major attraction in Las Vegas. 
You will rarely see any depiction of Las without the sparkling water fountains at the Bellagio. The casino's hotel and architecture are also quite luxurious and eccentric, but the water fountains are the main attraction, and the visitors outside are proof of that.

Crystal Chandeliers Marina Bay Sands Casino, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is one of the country's most prominent establishments. The casino's design and architecture are its most acclaimed aspects. One of the fanciest features of the casino is the crystal chandeliers by Swarovski that light most of the building. 
They make the casino look as if it is lit by gemstones which is what you can expect from a casino that attracts the richest gamblers and their wealth. The billions it took to construct the casino were well spent as the casino is the epitome of luxury.

The Structure, Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino in Argentina

In Argentina, the Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino is another luxurious casino and is definitely the highest-level gambling establishment. 
Colonial Spanish architecture has long been associated with its grandiosity, and the casino is essentially an old Spanish colonial building that covers 32,200 square feet. 
The architecture was designed to make the hotel and casino more profitable. Given the stature and number of visitors that the casino attracts, they did it right. The casino features punto y Blanca, a local game that is highly popular with the natives.

Stunning View from The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sometimes the fanciest feature of a casino is not the expensive fixtures inside it but the priceless wonder it can offer. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Casino in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is one of the most luxurious casinos in the world. 
The hotel covers eight acres of pristine property right on the beach, which gives it its best feature, a glorious, sweeping view of the Atlantic Ocean. 
A stay at the hotel will provide you with a view you will not find anywhere else. The breathtaking location of the casino is what attracts many visitors who can visit the casino and have some fun.

Game Park, Sun City Resort and Casino, Rustenburg, South Africa

No other casino and hotel in the world can claim to have a game park. The Sun City Resort and Casino in Rustenburg, South Africa, is one of the most luxurious gambling destinations in the world. 
There are many activities to partake in the casino, but none can rival the game drives in the park. You can go for game viewing during the day before embarking on a night at the casino tables. Truly a thrilling experience and one of a kind. 
There are several hotels and casinos around the world that offer fancy accommodations and other features. The ones above provide some of the fanciest features you will ever find. Each has something that sets it apart from other casinos, but all are a wonder.

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