Casino Architecture Design: Make It More Profitable

Smart owners know - casino design matters a lot, especially if they want to encourage visitors to spend more cash. Casinos are not regular places, but very specific spots where people come for the unique experience they can never get anywhere else. In some way, casinos can be perceived as parallel worlds – people come there to switch off and get isolated from reality. The design tricks and patterns of the past were aimed at turning casinos into secret hidden places, while today’s trends turn them into playgrounds. Let’s talk about old-school and modern architectural ideas that help casino owners earn more money.

No windows

As this trend is classical and related to old-school casino architecture more than the modern one, some of today’s designers still use it. The absence of sunlight makes people lost in the world of gambling – they forget about the outer world and stop tracking time. This makes them want to stay there for longer and therefore – spend more cash playing gambling games, while flashing lights of colorful slots in dim room support that feeling of maze and fantasy. In an atmosphere like that, one may continue spending his/her money until becoming a bankroll without even noticing.

A bit more isolation

The values of gamblers from the 90s and today’s fans of casinos are different. The old-school players were highly visible in the process of playing – the slots were located in rows along the casino’s walls. They didn’t mind others watching them, since gambling was perceived as a sign of coolness. Today, things changed a bit – modern gamblers prefer isolation. Well, offline casinos value privacy no less than online ones - check the Casino Mate review to see how modern sites ensure that. As gamblers continue striving for anonymity and privacy, fresh design trends encourage owners to place slots in small groups around the building. Now people can enjoy playing without being watched by others. The same has happened to the table games – they are also spaced apart.


To keep players in the building, casinos locate bars, smoking areas, and cafes inside. What is more, from the architectural standpoint, comfort also means perfect HVAC – heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The system should be effective and keep the optimal temperature in the building. Plus, huge volumes of conditioned air should be delivered to the room. To achieve that, most architects plan casino floor layout in a way that HVAC diffusers are located as low as possible.


Impulsive playing sessions can be encouraged by the smart placement of interior items. The casino design should place dining areas and restrooms in remote areas instead of making them easily accessible. This way, players will walk around the building and see more games, which increases the chances that they would get engaged.

Open atmosphere

While some owners are still dedicated to the old style and darkness inside of a casino, more and more of them opt for natural light today. The motif of darkness is clear – it evokes a sense of being switched off the outer world and even a bit confused. Modern architecture proves that open space doesn’t have an influence over that feeling, so an open atmosphere is as suitable for a casino as the windowless walls. Modern designers that focus on daylight instead and warm soft colors instead of a cave-like atmosphere believe that such design elements reduce pressure and make people more relaxed.


When designing a casino environment, there is a number of factors architects and owners should consider: the right atmosphere, comfort, and placement of objects/zones. Some modern casinos still opt for the old-school dark atmosphere, while the others prefer sunglow and pastel colors. Both options are acceptable – even though they evoke different feelings, they still immerse customers into the right state of mind. There is no doubt that fresh air and comfortable temperature are absolutely crucial to achieve, so smartly-designed HVAC systems are necessary. Last but not least, the right placement of slots and areas make players’ movement more meaningful – it is important to break playing zones into small clusters and locate cafes and bathrooms remotely.
Author’s Bio:
Susan Wallace is a professional writer and artist. While her main passion is blogging, she is also fond of drawing, 3D-modelling, and interior design. Susan is passionate about mixing her two favorite activities and sharing her design insights in her blog posts.

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