Creating An Outdoor Oasis For Your Employees

Frequent long hours at work can cause a burn out in your employees. When this happens, you won’t be able to maximize their full potential to work towards your objective as an organization. This is the reason why you need to ensure their overall well-being while they are serving your enterprise. One of the ways to do so is by creating an outdoor haven where they can take a quick moment to rejuvenate. Below are some tips on how you can create an outdoor oasis for your employees.

Dress up your office deck

Let your employees breathe or just enjoy the sun during their breaks by transforming your office deck into an outdoor oasis for them. The makeover can be as simple as dressing it up with a pergola covered with luxurious vines, or as lucrative as bringing in commercial pool construction, not intended for swimming during office hours, but rather to be more aesthetically pleasing. If not a pool, you can also integrate a miniature fall in your landscape because there is just something about the water that is so relaxing.

Add an outdoor pantry

More often than not, office pantries are situated indoors, but if you intend to maximize the space in your office, then relocating your pantry outdoors can be a good idea. No, you don’t need a fancy grill for this one because that is more appropriate for your backyard. Rather, a countertop that will make food preparation convenient is already sufficient. Nevertheless, if you can add in a refrigerator and a sink, much like how you will install it in your outdoor kitchen, then that would be great too.

Install Shades

Sure, being out in the sun is rejuvenating, particularly when you are already stressed out. However, the direct rays of the sun can also be harmful to your skin, particularly at noon. For this reason, make sure to create a shady spot on your office outdoor space for your employees to hang out during their break times. You can choose from free standing umbrellas, retractable awnings, or go bold and opt for pergolas planted with vines.

Add furnishing

An outdoor haven won’t be complete without ample seating and furnishing that are strategically positioned under the shady spots you have created. Some of the classic but comfortable materials appropriate for your seating options include wrought or cast iron, wrought or cast aluminum, as well as traditional wood. Synthetic and weatherproof furniture can also do the trick in providing comfortable seating. The choice you make can even define the theme of the outdoor space. Make sure that you light up your outdoor space, too, particularly when you have workers coming in for a graveyard shift.

Reasons to Create an Appealing but Functional Outdoor Space

●     Encourage Socialization

One of the main reasons why you should create an outdoor oasis for your employees is to encourage socialization within your organization. In this way, they will be freer to interact with each other, collaborate, and even discuss ideas on how to hit your metrics. They will also have an area where they can take a break from work and simply enjoy each other’s company. In the end, the rapport and camaraderie they build among themselves will greatly benefit your organization.

●     Promote Health Benefits

Another reason why you need to create a viable outdoor space for your employees is because of the health benefits that they can reap from it. For one, they will be able to get their blood circulation going as they can walk around for a while, instead of sitting for hours straight in front of the computer. As a result, they will have a boost of energy that can last them throughout the day. Not only this, but they will also garner the advantages of being exposed to fresh air and sunlight, recharging them, which enables them to finish the day efficiently. Overall, outdoor oasis leads to lower levels of stress.

To wrap things up, in creating an outdoor oasis for your employees, you need to focus on the aesthetic appeal, but ensure that the space is fully functional too. Thus, dress up your office desk and add an outdoor pantry in parallel. Also, make sure to install shades, not only to make the space more pleasing to the eyes but to host your employees too during their breaks. When you provide an outdoor space where they can hang out for a while, you are encouraging socialization, which is good for your organization. Not only this, but you are also promoting various health benefits for your people.

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