Choosing a Floor Plan That Suits Your Lifestyle

The layout of your floor plan is one of the most significant choices you can make when building your dream home. For that reason, you want to choose a floor plan that suits your lifestyle.That way, your home can accommodate you or your family for years to come.

Choosing a home layout that fits your lifestyle will ensure you are getting a home that is functional and a safe haven to return to. Whether you want a single family house or a multi-story home, choosing your perfect floor plan means choosing a layout that is right for you.

Here are a few ways to help you do that.

Tips for choosing the perfect floor plan
A floor plan is a birds-eye view of your home. One of the great advantages of building a house is that you get to pick your floor plan and create a home that suits your lifestyle needs.

When drawing up your floor plan, be realistic - but also leave room for flexibility. Consider your must-haves along with what you’d like to have. Zone-in on your lifestyle and current living habits and ensure you’re creating a floor plan that accommodates all those things.

1. Consider the size of your family
Every person’s living arrangements are different.You might have a big family, are single, in a couple, or want a share-house arrangement with friends.

The first thing you should consider when choosing a floor plan is the size of the layout. If you have a big family, a growing family, or have plans for a family in the future then you need space - and lots of it.

There need to be enough bedrooms for each family member along with bathrooms and a sufficient sized kitchen and living area. For some, a guest room will be a necessary add-on if they have plans to have family or friends stay over.The key to a great family home floor plan is a mix of:

  • Large gathering areas (living room, family room, outdoor patio, theatre room, dining area, etc.)
  • Bedrooms with enough space for kids to grow
  • Sanctuaries for personal space/’me time’(study nook, office, retreat, gym, den, etc.)

You may also wish to factor in space for a future house extension or add-on as your family grows. In addition, you might be upgrading your current home and can consider adding an extension to your current floor plan to maximize your space and lifestyle needs.

2. Make check list
Writing a practical checklistof all the essential rooms required in your home is a great place to start with your floor plan.These rooms can include bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, and living room. From there, you may also want to create a wish list of all the ‘like to haves’in your future home.Take stock of your current living arrangement and list what’s working for you and what isn’t.

Do you need more storage? Maybe a walkin robe will help. Need more privacy? Consider having the master bedroom in a separate wing from the other bedrooms in the house. Do you work from home?Then a study or home office is essential to include in your floor plan.
Another good way to help you come up with a floorplan is by visiting display homes and to make notes of what stands out for you. Scour the internet for ideas and create a vision board full of images or features you want in your new home.
3. Factor in your personal style
Your home should bea reflection of you, your tastes, and your specific lifestyle habits.Therefore, you should choose a floor plan that matches your personal style. Do you love the flow-on effect that an open floor plan brings? Or do you prefer a floor plan that is more compartmentalized with separate zones and spaces?

The ideal floor plan should always reflect your lifestyle. For example, do you like to relax in the bathtub after a long day at work?Then a big bathroom to accommodate a big tub should be a focus. Do you love entertaining?Then consider an outdoor living area. Do you have small children or a spouse with an injury?Then a wide, open single-storey floor plan may be a better choice than a house with stairs. When creating a floor plan to fit your lifestyle, you need to think toward the future. If you have elderly parents then you may want an extra bedroom or guest wing to accommodate them when the time comes.Similarly, if you wish to have pets then ensure your floor plan has some space for a backyard or a wet area to suit.

Final thoughts
Creating a floor plan can be daunting, but the trick is to listen to your intuition! Using your lifestyle habits and living arrangements as a soundboard can help you to design a floor plan that is ideal for you.You need to be able to think about the future and imagine your family living there in your future home.

Things to consider include the amount of people who’ll be living in the home, whether older family members may need to move in with you in the future, if you’ll have pets, and whether you’ll be entertaining a lot. Other things to consider include your lifestyle habits. Love cooking? Then a big kitchen and dining area should be a must-have. Have a partner who is a hobbyist? Include a hobby room, shed, or games room to cater to this.Also keep in mind that you can get help from building experts, and that floor plans can be modified to suit your wants and needs.

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