Bounce to the Beat, Arizona fitness spot uses state-of-the-art lighting technology to amp up high-energy workouts

Right in the middle of the desert is a fitness paradise renowned for its dynamic workouts and unique approach to helping patrons get in shape. Fit6, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a training boutique fitness studio that offers trainer-led workouts and a high-energy, structured environment designed to create a fun atmosphere where patrons of all fitness levels can reach their workout goals. 

 Recognizing the impact of dynamic lighting in improving energy levels and athletic performance, the Fit6 team knew it needed to incorporate color- and brightness-changing technologies into its interior lighting design. Decades of research show that different wattages, hues and frequencies can affect humans’ physical and mental states. The color of an LED light can greatly impact the intensity of a workout and patrons’ abilities to reach their overall fitness goals. Red, for example, is known for its ability to increase a person’s heart rate, while blue is touted for being able to boost productivity and concentration levels. 

That’s why Fit6 reached out to Bellevue, Washington-based Wipliance, which is well known for its innovative smart technology solutions, including smart lighting control, motorized shades, home theater installation, and total technology integration 

“The Fit6 team knew it wanted technology to be a key part of its business model, and having interactivity was key,” states Lee Travis, owner of Wipliance.  “Bringing lighting and music together in harmony offered a key differentiator for the Fit6 brand and provided a dynamic environment to help the fitness instructors keep the energy levels high.” 

The Power of Lighting 

To create the desired high-energy environment, Wipliance chose a variety of smart lighting solutions from Proluxe by American Lighting that work in tandem with a specialized AV system and a Control4 ecosystem that easily controlled and coordinated all the systems. 

The Proluxe product portfolio includes an array of programmable lights available in a wide range of bright and fun colors that can change with the beat of the music. According to Travis, the Fit6 team can set the right workout mood in a matter of seconds by simply pressing a button thanks to the Proluxe RGB + Tunable CCT tape light, which offers the ultimate solution in color changing RGB linear lighting technology. RGB+TW offers an unlimited RGB palette of color combinations and can adjust true white light ranging from 2700K up to 6000K. The end result is intense color saturation and dramatic transition effects, along with high-impact fade-to-white lighting effects. In contrast, the Wipliance team used warm white 3000k linear to provide a bright, welcoming reception area.  

 “The dynamic color-mixing capabilities of the RGB+Tunable CCT affords Fit6 members the ability to enhance their workout experience subconsciously,” says American Lighting Director of Sales Jennifer Kirkpatrick. “It provides them with an easier way to hone in on their fitness goals.” 

 Lower lighting and enhanced color have proven to lower competitive instincts amongst those at the gym and give members a sense of empowerment so their focus instead can be on self-improvement. Fitness instructors can control the DMX to allow for color change and dimming based on the level of class being offered. Since the RGB+Tunable CCT features 3-in-1 RGB LEDs with alternating 2700K & 6000K LEDs, they can create literally millions of color combinations custom-tailored to individual sessions and boost mood and concentration based on the wattage emitted during a lesson. 

Image Source Courtesy of Fit6

Wipliance combined the Proluxe versatile lighting products with a unique AV solution designed to leverage the power of music in boosting patrons’ moods and enhancing workout routines. At Fit6, special audio and video effects are especially important, as trainers use responsive armbands to track patrons’ progress and heart rates during workouts. That’s why the Wipliance team incorporated high-definition monitors to make all this information visible to everyone and high-end speakers to ensure the highest sound quality. 

To control and integrate all of the smart technologies, the Wipliance team specified a Control4 system. As a result, the team at Fit6 can easily manage all of its new technologies, as well as its security system, through touchscreens and one user-friendly mobile apps.  

 “Our patrons love the interaction of the music and lighting, as it creates an upbeat, motivational atmosphere that is perfect for the high-intensity workouts that are a key part of the Fit6 model,” adds Melissa Mitchell, Wipliance Marketing Manager. “And their team loves how easy it is to use. The trainers can easily start and end each session with a single tap.” 

Feature Image Source Courtesy of Fit6

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