Accredited Debt Relief: 5 Ways to Alleviate Debt

Accredited Debt Relief: 5 Ways to Alleviate Debt

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The 2023 Quarterly Household Debt and Credit Report are out, and the numbers are scary. The housing debt reached an all-time high of $17.06 trillion, while credit cards reached a series high of $1.03 trillion. Auto loans increased by $20 billion, and retail credit card loans by $15 billion.

Coming out of debt is a struggle many people battle to death due to the lack of concrete structures for alleviating debt loads. However, that is no longer the case, as accredited debt relief can relieve your debt burdens, enabling you to improve your finances.

What Is Accredited Debt Relief and How Do They Empower Your Finances

Accredited Debt Relief is an award-winning, A+ BBB-rated company. It was founded in 2011 by Shawn Syndergaard to empower Americans to take control of their finances. In its 12 years of operation, the company has helped over 200,000 people settle more than $1 billion of debt.

Accredited Debt Relief runs a 24-48-month program, letting you save enough money in a quantified savings account. After the agreed saving time, the company will negotiate with your creditors to settle the debt at 40-60% lower than your existing debt. Partner with Accredited Debt Relief today to empower yourself into long-lasting debt-free life traction.

1. Debt Consolidation

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Accredited Debt Relief’s debt consolidation approach is a forward-thinking and reliable version of the traditional one. Instead of assisting you in securing another loan to settle the existing one, Accredited Debt Consolidation uses a single-monthly payment solution.

It is available in a 24-48-month program, where you deposit money monthly into a specified savings account. The company will start negotiating with creditors after your savings account has adequate funds to settle 40 to 60% of your debt. This debt settlement approach makes it easier to manage your debt and attain financial freedom.

2. Flexible and Customized Debt Relief Plan

A debtor’s most arduous challenge is managing a limited income and honoring monthly loan payments. The burden often becomes overwhelming, forcing you to drop one. For many debtors, loan repayment is always the casualty. A debt relief program custom-made based on your income, expenses, and debt repayment needs can alleviate your burden.

A debt relief expert reviews your monthly income, loan repayment, and expenses to create an effective debt alleviation strategy. They work closely to understand your financial goals and expectations to design a settlement program that leaves room for growth.

3. Financial and Budgeting Resources

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Accredited Debt Relief offers in-depth resources to help you get out of debt. On its Debt Relief Resource Center, discover materials touching on financial issues such as getting out of debt, creating a budget, avoiding debt traps, and improving credit scores. The company has certified debt relief specialists to offer you free consultation and personalized advice to get you out of debt.

This debt burden alleviation firm aims to see more people get out of debt. You may not get comprehensive financial and budgeting advice, but you will learn the best steps to get out of a loan and maintain a solid credit score. A partnership with an accredited debt relief firm will empower you to control your finances and alleviate your debt burden.

4. Lowers Your Monthly Payment

Many debtors will gladly accept a proposal to reduce their monthly repayments. Income-driven repayment (IDR) reduces your monthly payment amounts, giving you breathing room. Sadly, it does not offer the solution debtors want to pay loans faster and more efficiently. You only get relief of the monthly repayment amount but not a reduction of the total amount payable.

On the other hand, accredited debt relief seeks to shorten the loan repayment term while reducing the monthly repayment amount. As debt relief experts with years of experience working with creditors, they promise to alleviate your burden by negotiating for lower payable loan amounts of up to 60%.

The amount you save monthly to aid the settling of your debt is uniquely determined, considering your income and expenses.

5. Improve Your Credit Score

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The longer it takes to clear your debt, the more your credit score suffers. Only after settling your debt will your credit report get relief. When you pay your debt, the creditor marks your credit report as settled. It is proof you are taking steps to rebuild your credit and have control over your finances. Although settled debts hurt your credit score, it is mostly temporary.

Seeking the help of a debt relief firm can help you out of debt within a shorter period. A debt predetermined to be settled in ten years may get settled in less than three with a debt relief company. Remember, when you pay a debt, your credit score increases by up to 100 points within 48 months.

Rounding Up

Are you stuck in loans and do not know how to clear your name and have control of your finances? Are credit card, auto, business, and personal debts overwhelming you? Debt burdens can be hard to manage, but if you sought help from accredited debt relief, you could get out of debt in 48 months.

This company has a solid reputation for assisting people buried in debts to settle their debts and take maximum control of their financial health.

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