8 Things to know to set up a Temporary Structure

There are a variety of reasons why you may need a temporary shelter. Construction companies may use them to protect workers and equipment. Sports complexes may use them for indoor playing fields, skating rinks, and the like. Even parties, weddings, and concerts may need a temporary shelter. However, before building one, there are a few things to keep in mind.
1. Know the Size and Specifications
Before you move forward with the space, you’ll want to know the basics about the square requirements. How large does the space need to be? Does the space need to be lit? These are just a few of the basics you’ll want to consider.
Consider also the fabric or materials needed for the space. Is the purpose of the structure to be functional, decorative or both? The covering for the space may need to be windproof and waterproof. Although most temporary spaces are not going to be the same as a permanent structure, temperature control may also be important. Think about whether the space will need to keep in the heat or cold and if air conditioning units or heating units will need to be installed.
You can find some useful free building guides at https://smart-space.co.uk/ which may help you to figure out what type of building (and what features) you’re going to need. Once you have that figured out, you can proceed to the planning stage.
2. Create a Site Plan and Layout
After you know the basics of the structure, you’ll need to find the land and plan out the layout. It’s likely that temporary buildings will have a main entrance and you’ll need to consider which direction that it should face. The exits and windows should also be planned to allow for appearance and safety. Parking is also important, especially if the structure is for an event. The parking will need to be close to the structure without adding to the noise in the structure.
In order to plan the land and structure appropriately, it may be best to use a diagram. A diagram will allow you to consider a few different layouts and make it easier to build the structure without running into any problems. Temporary buildings contractors can guide you through this whole process and give you different options and recommendations.
3. Plan a Budget
When it comes to temporary structures, many people already have an idea of what they want. However, you may not have the funds to pay for the structure in mind. When it comes to this type of project, you can expect to pay a significant amount if you’re not careful. Review your budget to decide on what you can afford to pay for the building. Avoid cutting any costs that will affect the quality of the building as you’ll need to have basic safety regulations met.
4. Check Zoning and Building Codes
Although many people don’t think about zoning and building regulations for temporary spaces, any type of building is subject to regulations in your area. You’ll want to check on what types of permits you need for temporary buildings. Additionally, some areas may even have planning laws about what the building can be used for, so check with your local planning department.
If you don’t take the time to check the local planning rules or you build the structure in violation of these codes, you can find yourself in a fair amount of trouble and face heavy fines. Always check before building and follow the regulations in your area. You can do this by visiting https://www.gov.uk/search-register-planning-decisions.
5. Consider Framing Materials
When you talk to the company building the structure, discuss the framing materials to use. The more common materials to use include aluminum or steel which are lightweight and strong without adding much weight. These may not be the best for your structure depending on the needs of the structure, the weather, or other concerns. Make sure to review the materials and how they will last up to the elements over time. This is especially important if the temporary structure is anticipated to be needed for a longer period of time.
6. Check Utilities and Facilities
Having access to the basic utilities is important. Even if you don’t need these for the space, there’s always the possibility of needing electricity, water, and plumbing. Check with the local electric and water companies if these are not present. Even if they’re not present, you’ll want to check and see if you can get access if needed. If the temporary space is for a party or other event, you’ll need to make sure that water and plumbing are available on site and working properly.
When you create the layout for the building, ensure that you have designated the areas for restrooms, running water, and electrical outlets. You may need an electrician to consult with for the structure. Since electricity has the potential to cause accidents if not handled properly, this professional will ensure that electricity is distributed appropriately throughout the structure.
7. Lighting Options
Once you have more of the larger questions answered, you’ll want to take a look at the interior and consider how the space needs to be lit. There are multiple choices for lighting available. If the space is industrial, you will probably want lighting that is energy efficient. However, if the space is going to be used for a party or other event, you’ll want lighting that is softer. There are translucent fabrics available that can be used to let natural sunlight in as well, so you can use this to save on lighting costs.
8. Review Safety and Security
The safety of the temporary structure is incredibly important. Temporary structures may be more prone to accidents and usually don’t have the same safety standards as a permanent building, so ensure that the building is safe for its intended use.
If the building is going to be used for an event that will host multiple people, you’ll want to ensure that fire safety is addressed. Consider whether the materials used in the structure are flammable, especially if the event will have any fire in or around the building. Plan the exit plan and ensure that there are multiple exists available as well as adequate fire extinguishers. Ask the electrician to inspect the wiring to ensure that the electrical outlets are not overloaded.
Any wires or pipes that are exposed should be covered or flagged. This step will keep them safe from any guests or keep them visible to reduce the chance of injury.
Security is also important, even for a temporary structure. If the structure is in a remote location or the building is going to be used to store expensive or important structures, plan on how the structure will be secured. Motion lighting outside the structure can help by deterring thieves. Locks are the basics needed to protect the space and temporary alarm systems may be a good idea as well. Even a fence around the perimeter of the building can be used to avoid any problems. Although you may not need to take this additional step, having a security guard to monitor the space may be a good idea.
Temporary buildings are a great choice for events or other needs when a permanent space is not needed. They can be used to meet a variety of requirements and are a versatile choice. Make sure to plan well ahead of time to get the space you need and avoid having any accidents or problems along the way.

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