6 Things On Shipping Transport Requirements & Costs

When shipping products, there are a few things you need to take into account about transport requirements and shipping costs. This article will discuss the six most important things you need to know about shipping transport requirements and costs.

Shipment Classification

There's a certain way to classify shipments. This is especially important for heavy machinery shipping in Australia because it affects the requirements and costs of shipping. For example, if a shipment is considered 'break bulk', it isn't containerized and will need to be loaded and unloaded by crane. 

This classification usually applies to shipments of lumber, steel, or other heavy construction materials. If you're not sure how to classify your shipment, your freight forwarder can help you out.
This classification helps to determine the type of equipment required for shipment as well as the handling required during shipment. It will also determine how the shipment will be documented and the liability coverage for the shipment, as well as the cost of shipping.
It's important to know about shipment classification because it can have a big impact on your shipping transport requirements and costs. If you're not sure how to classify your shipment, ask your freight forwarder for help. 


The size of your shipment is going to be one of the first things that you need to determine. Not only will this help you with getting an accurate quote, but it will also ensure that your goods are properly packaged and protected. 
If you have a large shipment, it is important to note that there may be additional fees for handling and packaging. You will also want to take into account the size of the shipping container when determining how much space your goods will take up. 
This is especially important if you are shipping internationally, as different countries have different size restrictions.
Always consider how big or small your shipment is before getting a quote!


Among the many things that affect the costs of shipping, the weight of the shipment is among the most important. The heavier the shipment, the more it will cost to ship. This is because the shipping companies charge by the pound. So, if you're shipping something that is very heavy, it will cost more than something that is lighter.
There are a few ways to reduce the costs of shipping heavy items. One way is to ship them via Freight. This is a special type of shipping that is designed for heavy items. It's typically cheaper than regular shipping methods, but it can take longer for the item to arrive.
Another way to reduce the costs of shipping heavy items is to use multiple boxes. This can be done by breaking the item down into smaller pieces and then packaging each piece in a separate box. This can be a bit more work, but it can save you money in the long run.

Documents Needed 

There is some paperwork you will have to fill out when it comes to shipping transport. The documents you will need are the following:

  • A bill of lading (BOL)
  • A packing list
  • A commercial invoice 
  • A shipper's letter of instruction (SLI)
  • A certificate of origin
  • A dangerous goods declaration (if applicable)
  • An export license (if applicable)
  • An import license (if applicable)
  • An insurance certificate (if applicable)
  • A Phytosanitary certificate (if applicable)

All these documents are necessary in order for your shipment to be processed and transported without any issues. If you have any questions about which documents you will need, please contact your shipping company. They will be able to advise you on what is needed.


The things you are shipping need to be well-packaged. This is not only to avoid items getting damaged in transit but also to make sure they are protected from the elements. There are different types of packaging depending on the item you are shipping. 
For example, if you are shipping a computer, you will need a static-free bag and bubble wrap. If you are shipping a vase, you will need packing peanuts and Styrofoam.
The type of packaging you will need will also depend on the mode of transport. For example, if you are shipping by air, your items will need to be able to withstand high temperatures and pressure changes. 


You will have some fees to pay when you use shipping transport services. These costs can include the price of fuel, packaging materials, and labor. You will need to factor these costs into your budget when you are planning to ship something.
The cost of shipping will also depend on the weight and size of your shipment. Larger and heavier items will cost more to ship than smaller items. You should get a quote from a shipping company before you commit to using their services.
Make sure you understand all of the costs involved in shipping before you make any decisions.

Shipping transport services do a very important job, and you need to know that the shipment is always being classified. Think about the size and weight of the products you're shipping as it can affect the price. Also, you'll need proper documentation and package the shipment accordingly. This all affects costs and you will have to be ready to pay the fees.

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