6 Home Remodel Projects That Use Reclaimed Wood

If you visualize a natural and aesthetic look for your home, you ought to have wood in your house. We’re talking about wooden walls, wooden floors, wooden doors, and even wooden shelves & décor. 
Well, of course, we don’t mean it should be all and entirely wooden. Instead, what we mean here is that the looks of your home should have wood as a primary and dominant component. You could pair it with other aesthetic materials such as those mentioned in this list. 
And that means you can incorporate wood in your current interiors as well. It will require a bit of remodeling, but you won’t have to demolish your existing house structure and design from scratch. 
In this post, we have enclosed six innovative home remodeling projects using a material that’s bound to bring some natural, aesthetic, and vintage vibes. So, let’s get to it. 

What is reclaimed wood? 

Before we head any further, let’s get acquainted with the material of our interest, i.e., reclaimed wood. 
So, what is reclaimed wood? 
Reclaimed wood is basically another name for upcycled wood. Upcycling refers to the practice of recreating a product from a used or discarded object such that it is of higher quality. 
Hence, used wood from factories, offices, warehouses, wine casts, ships, old farms, and stock farms are collected. And then, the collected woods are sorted as per their life, durability, and species. 
Once sorted, wood reclaiming companies remove any nails or debris. They may reshape it to make its usage easier for wood crafters or people like yourself, who may be seeking such wood for remodeling projects. Along with reshaping, these companies also enhance the looks and durability using lacquer for wood. The lacquer basically is a solvent-based product that’s mostly used for high-end wooden furniture.  
It’s easier to apply and quicker to dry in comparison to regular paint. Although it’s a bit expensive, we recommend using it with reclaimed wood because its shiny gloss is incomparable. It makes reclaimed wood appear brand new. 
Plus, reclaimed wood costs 50% cheaper than brand new wood. So, you’ll have a margin to spend on the polish and looks of the finished project. 
Now, let’s explore the remodeling projects involving the use of reclaimed wood that you can immediately get started with: 
1. Reclaimed Wood Bed Frame 
Perhaps, the most amazing and satisfying thing you can build with reclaimed wood is a bed frame. Having a bed frame will not only fill you up with positive energy every day, but it will also make your bedroom looks 10x more exquisite. Apart from being absolutely elegant, wooden bed frames are impressively robust and versatile. So, it’s a long-term investment and great for anyone who feels like changing the theme of their room now and then.  
2. Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Cabinets 
Wooden kitchen cabinets are classy, durable, and versatile. Similar to the bed frame, they go well with multiple colors and designs. Plus, they’re much easier to make. You can use plywood too, but it is not as durable and sophisticated as reclaimed wood. You know, it’s got that it’s-just-wood look. 
3. Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantel 
Building a fireplace mantel is a five-step process. All you’ve to do is measure the available area and cut your reclaimed wood into pieces accordingly. 
4. Reclaimed Wood Doors 
Unlike cabinets, there’s room for creativity when it comes to doors. You can opt from a variety of door designs. Building a wooden door is easy too. Just measure the area, cut the wood, and use relevant nails and attaching tools to put it in place.  
5. Reclaimed Wood Shelves 
When we say shelves, we refer to kitchen shelves, bookcases, or even your wall-hanging shelves in the lounge. These are super easy to build, usually lightweight, and durable.  
6. Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Panels 
You can use reclaimed wood for building walls. But even better, you can incorporate an accent wall using reclaimed wood into your existing house structure. As a one-in-four wall, it will look an absolute standout, giving your interior décor a premium feel.  

Final Thoughts 

Now that you have a good directory of ideas for home remodeling projects, we hope you put them to effective use. Most DIY projects above will only demand good, reclaimed wood, a bit of research, some lacquer for wood to finish the job, and a helping hand at a point or two. Good luck! 

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