You’ve Failed an Electrical Inspection. Now What?

If you have previously carried out electrical work on your property, you must be familiar with electrical inspections. Electrical inspections on electrical work such as rewiring, installations and major upgrades. This inspection is carried out in order to verify the safety of the electrical work and to ascertain that it meets the standards set by the state. An electrical inspection is very important in order to prevent electrical emergencies. Y 
In the case that your home fails an electrical inspection, you might be confused about the next line of action. This article will highlight the necessary steps to take if your home has failed an electrical inspection.  

Find out Why Your Home Failed the Electrical Inspection 

You cannot make amends when you do not know what the problem is. This is why it is important that your first action should be, understanding why your home failed the inspection. The inspector might give you a detailed briefing on why your home failed the electrical inspection, this will give you clarity on where the problem lies. If the inspector fails to provide you with information, you can contact a professional electrician to take a look at your report. The common problems that are spotted during a failed electrical inspection are: 
- Over-fused circuits. 
- Exposed wiring 
- The absence of GFCI protection  
- Absence of tamper-resistant outlets 
- Lack of sufficient outlets 

Building Permit Application 

A building permit might be needed if your home fails an electrical inspection. This permit gives you the license to carry out repairs and corrections in the needed areas.  

Hire an Electrician  

Do not attempt to carry out a DIY project when it comes to major electrical works. Contact an electrician in Sydney that is licensed with a good track record. A professional will know the necessary steps to take, in order to correct the shortcomings of your electrical system. 
Hiring an electrician will save you time, money and energy while assuring you of quality work. Be sure to confirm that your electrician has the much-needed experience for the project. Also, quiz them about the type of products and techniques that they employ when working. This will give you a clear idea of whether they are up to the task. You do not want to fail your re-inspection, so it is best to choose an electrician that is knowledgeable and experienced. 

Set Up a Re-Inspection 

Once you are sure that all the issues have been fixed by the electrician, you can contact the authorities to schedule a re-inspection. Usually carried out a day after the repairs, the re-inspection entails checking if the stated problems have been corrected, confirming that quality products were used in carrying out the corrections, as well as checking that the right techniques were utilized in the process of carrying out the corrections. 
Getting a professional electrician is crucial to passing the re-inspection of your home. Get an electrician with a proven track record of producing excellent results on electrical systems.   

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