Why A Flexible Work Space Is New Business Norm

When life seems to be getting the best of you but you’re still bent on completing the tasks for the job that you’re committed to, you should be able to have a workaround, right? Such is the case for many high-performing employees who are also parents, students, and breadwinners of their families.
They don’t want their work to suffer, but they also like to fulfill their family responsibilities. This is the reason many companies have implemented flexible working spaces for their offices.
What Is A Flexible Working Space?

A flexible working space is a dynamic workspace that provides employees with a variety of places and ways to work. The office space can be easily arranged to accommodate the changing needs of the organization. When there are instances, employees need to work from home because of unusual situations, the office spaces can be transformed to support a hybrid working environment where some team members had to stay around in the office to fulfill their functions.
The popularity of flexible working spaces sprung from their effectiveness as evident in the way they were adopted by large companies like Google, Facebook, and IBM. As of 2022, there are 4,200 flexible working spaces in Europe and 4,100 in Asia with almost 2 million people enjoying their work in that setting. 
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Components Of A Flexible Working Space

  • Open-Plan Design

You often see this in TV sitcoms and movies. The physical walls used to serve as barriers were removed to allow free-flowing collaboration among people in a specific department. What used to be designated office spaces that are isolated from the rest is now transformed into a large space where you could easily reach out to your team members. This also reduces the cost of operations since you’re able to maximize the office space and make the most out of the area that you have.

  • Quiet Areas

Since not many people thrive in an open space, you may provide a quiet area for them so they can finish tasks with ease. This also shows that as a company, you respect the different types of personalities of your team. An open-plan design may appear noisy and cluttered to some who are used to a quiet and minimal environment.

  • Adaptable Workstations

With technology comes the ability of workspaces to be transformed to reduce burnout and fatigue. Workstations that have smart functions can be implemented to ensure that employees are pacing their work and take the time to stand to stretch their legs and rest their eyes.

  • Shared Amenities

A room where employees can occasionally meet up to get supplies or do research is a breath of fresh air. For a large company where employees don’t meet everyone, this is their chance to get to know other people in the company and have a tête-à-tête. It could be a photocopy room, library, or a pantry to get coffee.
Why Flexible Work Space?
If you’re a startup who plans on creating an office space for your team, here are the reasons why you should consider a flexible working space:

  • Promotes Collaboration

When you’re surrounded by team members who are creative and artistic, you tend to push your limits and unleash your creativity. With a flexible working space, there’s a better channel of communication, and you can easily reach out to a team member to discuss plans and tactics for a specific project. Brainstorming and sharing of ideas will be open and free-flowing, and there’s no barrier to individuals.

  • Reduces Employee Absences

Since there’s an option for a team member to accomplish work responsibilities at home, they can attend to important matters without skipping work. It also helps those employees who grow weary of commuting to and from work. With a flexible working space supported by a hybrid work setup, you can schedule employees to have certain days working at home to prevent burnout from commuting.

  • Enhances Creativity

A stunning workspace that’s carefully thought out will enhance creativity and inspire your team to have quality work output. It has been already published in research that putting art on the wall of office spaces will give the space a more relaxed and happier atmosphere, giving your employees more time to focus on their work creatively. Art will also spark creative discussions among your team, and they’ll have more original and unique ideas to present to the table.

  • Increase Employee Productivity

Flexible workspaces that have excellent amenities will also create a productive work environment where employees will feel energized because they know they’re cared for by the company. Shared amenities like a pantry filled with coffee and tea that employees can take while relaxing during their break will be appreciated and invigorate your team to perform better in their job functions.
Investing in a beautiful flexible working space may just be what your company needs to achieve your goals. A company that puts its employees' needs first always achieves its goals and objectives successfully.

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