White Backsplash Ideas For Cabinets & Countertops

Selected everything- from a new stove to beautiful white cabinets and countertops? But it feels like something is missing - maybe a backsplash! 
Often overlooked during the initial design process of a kitchen, a well-designed backsplash is the star of any kitchen. A backsplash is not there only to protect the walls, it's way more than that! This functional kitchen essential has evolved into a homeowner's opportunity to add a dash of color and creativity to their culinary paradise. 
The wonderful thing about a backsplash is that one doesn’t need to be an interior designer to choose one that gives the kitchen space character and flair.  
In this guide, find the backsplash ideas for white cabinets and white quartz countertops that can make kitchen spaces look authentic and elegant. 
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Backsplash ideas for white cabinets and quartz countertops 

For those homeowners who already have selected the combination of white cabinets and quartz countertops, here are some backsplash ideas to enhance the look of the kitchen: 

Get inspired by ancient brick walls 

For those homeowners who love vintage feels in their kitchen spaces, the brick backsplash is an ideal choice.  
A dark-colored brick backsplash will go perfectly with white cabinets and white countertops. This contrast radiates a sense of friendliness and warmth. Plus, white cabinets and countertops lighten up the space, while the brick backsplash brings out a classic and old-fashioned feel around the space. One can also go for black quartz countertops. They look classy yet stylish in any kitchen. 

Go for a monochromatic tone 

A horizontally arranged tile glass backsplash can be the focal point of the kitchen. The white grout on the glass surface will reflect light and add movement when used with white quartz countertops. Glass backsplash is made lighter by white cabinets, which also look stunning against white walls. Plus, it will create a monochromatic tone around the kitchen space that looks elegant.  

A mirrored backsplash can create an illusion for a bigger kitchen size 

A mirrored backsplash can actually make the kitchen appear larger in addition to being decorative and protecting paintwork. All tiny spaces can benefit from using mirrors to appear larger. But the kitchen can have a significant impact if one chooses the mirror that extends the entire length of the room. In addition, a mirrored backsplash in the kitchen can provide the impression that there is an additional kitchen behind it. The addition of rustic tarnishing prevents it from being too disorienting. 
One can also use LED strip lights to highlight the mirrored backsplash.  

Find room for timber 

Wood may seem like an odd material for a backsplash, but its inherent depth will add warmth and richness at eye level. As a backsplash, wood is making a comeback in the modern era. Homeowners can utilize it to highlight white cabinets, countertops and luxurious metallic finishes, such as rose copper taps. 

Bespoke brass will amp up the style 

Although they are newcomers to the universe of backsplash, brass and copper are classic materials quickly gaining popularity. Brass combined with white countertops and cabinets will give out an enhanced look. A look that is worthy enough to show off! 
Plus, brass backsplash will always look new if homeowners use a dry towel to mop up spills regularly and avoid using abrasive cleaners. 

Include gorgeous patterns 

Quartz backsplashes have naturally elevated to the status of ultimate luxury and for a good cause. This luxurious stone is a wise investment because it is gorgeous in style and highly durable. 
Stone is a terrific method to display lovely vein patterns, but it will need regular resealing, especially if it has a polished or brushed surface. 
Quartz is one of the popular choices because it is resistant to heat, stain, and water damage. Plus, it comes in an array of design options to choose from. Homeowners can play around with these designs to achieve a desired look for the kitchen.  

Factors to consider before choosing a kitchen backsplash 

After deciding on backsplash ideas for white cabinets and white quartz countertops, it's time to go through the factors so that homeowners can choose the best one that perfectly suits their needs: 


The first and foremost thing a homeowner must know is the budget. By deciding the budget, they can decide how much they are ready to spend on the backsplash, narrowing down the options. Trendier colors and designs will obviously cost more than basic design options. But  
The best thing is that backsplashes come in an array of design options and patterns, making it easy for homeowners to revamp the kitchen on a budget.  

Know the dimensions of the kitchen 

A large kitchen will naturally require more materials than a small one. Thus, size and budget go hand in hand. Also, it’s important to consider the kitchen's size carefully when making a decision. Typically, the regions above the oven range and sink are the ones that receive the most attention; therefore, homeowners prefer installing the backslash over there.  
Additionally, they are the locations with the most room for design experimentation. For big sections, think about using a more detailed tile, while for smaller areas that won't draw as much attention, choose a more neutral tile. 

Consider options 

It’s important to spend a considerable amount of time uncovering interesting possibilities. After all, one has to live with this backsplash for a very long time. Tape tile samples on kitchen walls, and then observe them there for a few days.  
As the lighting varies throughout the day, keep an eye out for changes in their appearance. Take into account how they blend in with lighting and cabinetry. Obtain a second choice and a third, if required.  


With these creative backsplash ideas for white cabinets and white quartz countertops, the homeowners will be able to exude a sense of beauty and charm to their space.  
Homeowners can pick any of these ideas or customize them according to their kitchen size and theme, and there they have it– a cozy kitchen brimming with style! 

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