When the Stand Becomes an Art Museum: Antolini at Marmomac with its New Exclusive Natural Stones Solutions

Cristallo Vitrum, Amazonite and Patagonia Vitrum by Antolini will be the highlights of Marmomac 2023, the international trade fair scheduled in Verona from September 26

The global design community is set to converge in Verona from Sept. 26 onwards for Marmomac, the prestigious Marble and Natural Stone Fair, where Antolini is playing a leading role. Renowned for its unrivaled assortment of featured natural stones and unparalleled exclusivity with the most precious varieties, Antolini once again amazes visitors with a fresh concept and an innovative project.

In fact, the company has appointed designer Alessandro La Spada to design a new stand, with the aim of giving space and prominence to its newest natural stones here displayed:
Cristallo Vitrum and Patagonia Vitrum, as well as Amazonite, part of the Exclusive Collection, the TEXTURES+ Collection, and, last but not least, the Lady A jewelry line.

From such a rich and articulate proposal comes the satisfaction of Alberto Antolini, CEO of the company: «It is with great pride that we participate in Marmomac 2023, one of the
most prestigious events in the natural stone industry. We are excited to present our latest exclusives: Cristallo Vitrum, Patagonia Vitrum, and Amazonite. These extraordinary jewels
of Mother Nature are the result of nearly 70 years of passion and a continuous search for the world's rarest natural stones.

The Infinitum Museum, an experience designed and created to bring to life the new textural finishes in our Textures+ Collection, will also be featured within the stand. Our constant drive for innovation has guided us to discover more than fifty specialty finishes that further enhance the beauty of natural stones and bring new horizons to life. We firmly believe that combining tradition and innovation is the key to creating unique products that capture the essence and elegance of our materials created over millions of years by Mother Nature.

A Crystal Island as a Stand

Antolini's project for Marmomac starts right from the definition of the new stand, imagined as a sort of small and precious museum for natural stone; at the entrance, guests are greeted by a backlit Vitrum Crystal counter, the first eloquent trace of the company's desired path for 2023 and the power of raw material.

The designer, Alessandro la Spada, speaks directly about the setting for the exhibition booth: Distancing itself from traditional trade fair exhibitions, this temporary installation is
meant to be an amplifier of the company's linguistic codes. I imagined this location as if it were an art gallery, an environment in which to display emotional surfaces and not mere
"slabs." From the very beginning, you are greeted by the spectacularity of a materic and activating entrance, made of reflections and transparencies that invite you to discover the
world of Antolini. The visitor will then be taken step by step through a tour designed to shed light onAntolini's various strengths, as the designer specifies: An initial path presents a gallery of disassembled and sculptural elements, emphasized by diffused lighting from ceiling beams that showcase the different textures of the stone. A large central backdrop forms the
pivotal element of this space, a kind of vertebra that separates the exhibition spaces while being an exhibitor. The path continues toward an island of "crystals": a rest area composed of Vitrum Crystal benches with diamond-shaped silhouettes from which to admire other artworks of nature on the walls. The emotional path leads toward the jewels of Lady A, a suffused environment in pastel tones that introduces the wunderkammer, a privé with a mirrored ceiling, completely mantled in the marvelous colors of Amazonite.

The New Natural Stones and Collections

Thus, space is given to Crystals: from Cristallo Vitrum, part of the Natural Quartz family and appears as if it were a perennial sheet of ice ideal for composing scenic backdrops of
great impact, to Patagonia Vitrum, another Natural Quartz characterized by its large spots of color reminiscent of high-altitude rocks, a perfect solution for covering horizontal
and vertical surfaces.

Walking through the Museum Infinitum area of the stand, visitors will also get a close look at the TEXTURES+ Collection, proof of Antolini's ability to combine the power of nature
with the progress of technological innovation. It consists, in fact, of 51 different proposals for processing the surface of natural stone, each designed to meet functional and stylistic
demands. Thanks to this surface finishing process, the stone is presented as a proper design tool in the hands of architects and designers, who will be able to build the identity of
each setting through the inherent character of natural stone combined with technical surfaces.

Back at Marmomac is also Antolini's Exclusive Collection: a series that includes 85 natural stones for which Antolini holds exclusive rights to the best materials and quarries around
the world. Outstanding among them is Amazonite, a stone with nuances ranging from turquoise to emerald green, which makes this quartzite a stone of extraordinary beauty.
Elegant yet sturdy, its technical characteristics make it suitable for any setting, from kitchen countertops to bathrooms or spas.

The Accessories

Closing on the latest news, a leap in scale: from large, high-impact stones designed for architecture, we reach Lady A, Antolini's proposal for the jewelry design world.
Handcrafted rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings house natural stones, set on silver frames for a combination of elegance and finesse.
Let’s meet in Verona to experience firsthand how Mother Nature and innovation walk together into the future thanks to Antolini's creativity.
When: 26-29 September
Where: Veronafiere, Viale del Lavoro 8, Verona, Italy; open-air area, stand 15/16

More info at www.antolini.com.

Feature Image Courtesy of Antolini

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