What Skills And Job Positions Are In-Demand In Dubai?

What Skills And Job Positions Are In-Demand In Dubai?

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federal state in the Middle East with an absolute monarchy with its capital in Abu Dhabi. It is one of the richest and safest countries in the world. In just 40-50 years, thanks to the wise rule of the emirs, oil and gas production, and skillful investment in economic development, it has advanced more than others in the development of tourism and services, industry, agriculture, real estate construction, trade and achieved financial prosperity.

The closest foreign economic ties are established with Japan, the largest consumer of oil and gas products and the leading exporter of cars, electronics, and other consumer goods.

The wealthiest emirate is Abu Dhabi, as most of the oil and gas are produced here. Dubai is a commercial center where investments from all over the world are concentrated.

Every year, more than 15 million people come here, for whom new hotels and entertainment venues are being opened. Local companies constantly need qualified employees, so they offer jobs in Dubai, posting them on Layboard and other resources.

Advantages of getting a position in the Emirates  

This country is one of the richest on the planet, which at the same time remains relatively closed. Due to the specifics of the labor market, local companies open many vacancies for migrants, strictly selecting applicants for each position. High requirements for applicants are compensation by salaries ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per month, good working conditions, and development opportunities. Therefore, specialists from all over the world are looking for employment opportunities in the Emirates.

Various companies offer their employees:

  • Official registration. The employer concludes a contract with each employee, which specifies all the terms of cooperation: type of housing, salary, meals, obligations and rights of the parties, penalties for early termination of the contract, etc.
  • A decent salary, which includes a rate, as well as good tips, bonuses, and bonuses.
  • Accommodation, meals, health insurance for the entire period of the contract, transfer.
  • Employment visa and airline ticket purchase – you do not need to go anywhere and spend your money. 
  • Thus, employment in the UAE is free for applicants. The employer pays all expenses.

Another critical aspect of working in this country is career development. Companies regularly conduct employee training sessions to improve their skills and service quality. As a result, career advancement is possible within six months. In a year, you can even take a managerial position. Upon completion of the training, internationally recognized certificates are issued, which are undoubted of great importance for further professional development and financial well-being.

For foreign nationals, employment in the UAE is also an opportunity to visit this wonderful country without any expenses, absolutely free of charge (so to speak, work and travel), to improve their English language skills, improve their skills in a particular field, undergo free training and advanced training, gain experience in a multicultural environment and make new friends and, of course, improve their financial situation. Therefore, the experience of this trip will be one of the most memorable events in your life.

What options are available to foreigners

In the local labor market, foreigners have access to the most offers from companies operating in the hospitality industry, animation, trade, real estate, education, beauty salons, construction, and the oil industry.

Various organizations are actively looking for:

  • hotel administrators, receptionists, supervisors, and restaurant managers;
  • sales assistants and store managers;
  • real estate agents
  • animators for children and adults;
  • masters of manicure, hairdressing, eyelash extension, and lamination, makeup artists;
  • excellent options for waiters, bartenders, hostesses, and cooks.
  • cleaners and homemakers;
  • teachers of secondary schools and kindergartens, nannies;
  • IT workers;
  • administrative staff and financiers;
  • fitness trainers and fitness club managers;
  • spa therapists and masseurs.

There are many offers for professional builders and engineers. Arab developers are recruiting teams of plasterers, tilers, painters, welders, and other specialists to build new buildings.

Vacancies in the tourism sector

Photographers are in demand mainly in well-known tourist cities in Europe and the Mediterranean. A photographer job in Dubai is very popular because of the amount of tourists. To find clients there, you must create a portfolio and publish it on social media or a website. The work schedule, place of residence, cost, and duration of one shooting directly depend on the specialist’s wishes. The specialist must have in-depth knowledge of the aspects of photography, such as light, composition, focus, and choosing a good pose. It is also essential to have the functionality of photo processing programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. 

How much can you earn? For an individual, couple, or family shoot, you can get 200-300 dollars. For a full-fledged wedding shoot (2-3 days): at least 1 thousand dollars (not including travel and accommodation costs).

To find clients abroad, you need to have an exciting portfolio. Most people focus on the photographer’s previous work and recommendations from friends or acquaintances. To find clients abroad, you can use Instagram location search. If you sort the “recent” results, you can see the most recent posts in a particular location. For example, before flying to the sea, many people stay in the same hotel, except for those who post with a long delay.

Photographer on a cruise ship

The promising and dynamic cruise industry continues to increase. That is why many companies that organize sea travel are constantly expanding their network of routes and building new comfortable ships. At the same time, the need for service personnel is growing.

A cruise ship is an absolute resort on the water with a hotel, chic restaurants, bars, shops, casinos, salons, and swimming pools. So naturally, such a recreation complex requires a considerable staff.

Do you want to see the world, go on an unforgettable journey and gain invaluable experience? Many tourists like to take photos while traveling. A photographer can capture the highlights of a cruise or offer guests a personalized photo session.

The photographer’s responsibilities include preparing high-quality photos, printing them on paper, and arranging them for an album.

The position requires the following requirements:

  • practical experience in photography;
  • fluency in English.

Cruise photographers sign six-month contracts that include board and lodging, medical insurance, and a flight home. In addition, the company provides the specialist with all the necessary equipment and accessories and organizes unique training pieces.

Work as a photographer on a cruise ship is paid 2200-2500 USD, excluding commissions from the sale of photos.

Any photographer can make money from travel. By taking pictures of beautiful nature in remote nature reserves or architectural landmarks and selling them to travel magazines and photo stocks, a good photographer earns good money for his work.

Talented masters, for whose pictures the most famous travel magazines of the world layout fees amounting to thousands of dollars, are not born but become.

Among the mandatory requirements:

  • specialized education and diplomas or certificates confirming qualifications;
  • sufficient or fluent knowledge of English;
  • work experience in a similar position.

Whether a person is looking for a job as a photographer, artist, chef, waiter, or manicurist in the UAE, they should be prepared for a rigorous selection process.

Working in the Emirates is an excellent opportunity to earn money, improve your skills, see the world, and get acquainted with Arab culture. You will realize your professional potential and get legal employment with decent pay. We publish vacancies that can be useful on your way to your goal, and the rest is up to you!

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