What Is Crypto Arbitrage, And How Does It Work

By the last quarter of February, Bitcoin is priced at $38,900. The volatile famous (or infamous?) Cryptocurrency has faced several ups and downs throughout the years. Not only that, but Bitcoin has also affected the skyrocketing and the downfall of several other cryptocurrencies.  
From Ethereum to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu all share the volatility of Bitcoin. Now, why am I telling you all this? That is because people are making money using this volatile cradle of cryptocurrencies.  
The digital blessing of Blockchain technology or Cryptocurrency has millions of people interested in it. Although beginning as a model of decentralized payment, Cryptocurrencies became a mode of investment. Many enthusiasts are engaging in trade using cryptocurrencies.  
The term crypto arbitrage is a term related to the trading of Bitcoin and altcoins. This article will help you understand what Crypto arbitrage is and how it works.  

What Is Crypto Arbitrage? 

The term Crypto arbitrage applies to buying and selling digital assets from one platform to another based on the rates. The cryptocurrency market is comparatively much more volatile than the stock and other financial markets. Traders are trading cryptos 24/7 globally. 
Since there is always a new rumor surrounding one Cryptocurrency, the price of several coins changes overnight. Due to sudden changes in the price of Cryptocurrencies, there is always someone selling their coin. Also, there is always someone who wants to buy the coins.  
Following this volatile trait, many investors buy a cryptocurrency on one exchange and sell the coin on another platform for a higher price.  
This act of simultaneously buying and selling cryptocurrencies is called Crypto Arbitrage. If you want to engage in Crypto arbitrage, you need to spot the difference in the price of the coin across several exchange platforms.  

How Does Crypto Arbitrage Work? 

The whole process of crypto arbitrage involves buying and selling Cryptocurrency across different platforms.  

  • You need to buy Bitcoin or altcoin on a platform.  
  • Next, you need to look for a higher price for that coin on other platforms.  
  • Once you spot a better coin price in another exchange, you can put the coins for sale there. 
  • Once you sell the coin at a higher price, you profit through crypto arbitrage.  

Crypto Arbitrage Strategies 

There are several ways to gain profit from crypto arbitrage. However, if you are privy to only one or two methods, the following strategies may help you earn even more profit. Here are several ways to perform crypto arbitrage and earn profit. 
Cross-Exchange Crypto Arbitrage is the most basic way to make money from crypto arbitrage. In cross-exchange crypto arbitrage, you need to buy a crypto asset on one exchange and sell it in another.  
Spatial Arbitrage: Spatial Arbitrage is also another form of cross-platform crypto arbitrage. But there is a difference in the location of the exchange platforms. In this case of crypto arbitrage, you capitalize on the demand and supply chain of a cryptocurrency in a specific region. Using this type of Arbitrage, you can make a profit across countries.  
Triangular Arbitrage: This type of crypto arbitrage involves a trader moving his fund through several digital assets to one exchange to leverage the discrepancies in different cryptocurrencies.  
You can create a trading loop and earn significant profit by starting with Bitcoin and then ending on Bitcoin after moving your money through other cryptocurrencies. 
Decentralized Arbitrage: This type of crypto trading involves discovering and comparing the price of crypto trading pairs through decentralized and automated programs called smart contracts. If the price is different across different platforms, the traders can sell their coins for higher prices.  
Statistical Arbitrage: through the combination of econometric, computational, and statistical techniques, traders can trade at scales. Such traders often rely on bots and mathematical models to complete their trades with maximum profits. 
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Frequently Asked Questions 

I hope you have built your primary ideas about crypto arbitrage from this article. If you need any further help, you can read some popularly asked internet questions related to the same topic.  

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Legal? 

Yes, crypto arbitrage is entirely legal. You can buy a coin on one platform and sell it on another platform for a higher price for profit.  

Is Crypto Arbitrage Still Profitable? 

Yes, if you are skilled at spotting the price difference of Bitcoin or altcoin across several platforms, you can indeed profit from doing crypto arbitrage. Of course, it would help if you did it as long as the different prices exist on other platforms.   

Is Crypto Arbitrage Easy? 

The process is indeed easy. You buy Cryptocurrency on one exchange and sell it on another. You need to transfer your currency from one platform to another quickly. It will seem easy if you are quick enough and can transfer your coin across the platforms when the difference exists.  
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Since you don't hold your Cryptocurrency for a long period while doing crypto arbitrage, you are less under the risk of Cryptocurrency. Although the profit is very small, you can gather enough money if you can successfully trade across platforms several times.  
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