Want to Buy a Pedestal Sink?

Just like a cat that has nine lives, so is a pedestal sink. Before being replaced by the box-shaped vanity, they had occupied the bathroom spaces for decades in the 20th century due to their stylish minimal look. Thanks to their practicality, they are now making a comeback in a whole new way and are elegant space savers in many bathrooms.
What Is A Pedestal Sink?
Pedestals sink, also known as stand-alone or freestanding, is the purest sink you can think of, with a basin and faucet. While other sinks have lower storage and expansive countertop space, a pedestal sink emphasizes only the sink's key uses. One primary thing you will learn about pedestal sinks is their simplicity, which gives them a lot of traction worldwide. Though there have been many variations regarding the size and the design features, the concept has remained the same. A pedestal sink comprises only two separate porcelain or ceramic parts that are assembled during installation. It has a narrow pole-like base on which the wider sink basin sits on. Besides their space-saving benefits, the pedestals offer a lot more. Cases of wood rot or damage are unheard of with pedestal sinks, as opposed to the cabinet-style vanities.
Advantages: The pedestal sink is suitable when space is at a premium, like in a powder bath. Here are the main points to know when remodeling a bathroom with one

  • This sink is durable, so it serves households for a long time. The porcelain construction material can stand the test of time compared to the wooden vanity cabinets that prone to water damage and common wear
  • Many design options offer stylish upgrades with sleek curves and sharp lines, making even the simplest designs visually appealing
  • Compared to the big vanity cabinets, pedestals are easy to transport. Shifting the pedestal sink within the bathroom is much easier than a vanity cabinet. What's more, minimal peripheral repair work needed
  • It saves lots of floor space and that's why homeowners with smaller rooms e.g. powder rooms prefer this type of sink. They are also lower priced compared to their counterparts

Disadvantages: These sinks have fewer disadvantages. Unlike other types of sinks, they offer less counter space with no lower storage. A homeowner has to incur an extra cost to install new flooring when changing vanity to a pedestal sink. Also, the drainage pipes are sometimes visible.
Which Bathrooms are Suited for the Pedestal Sinks?
Some bathrooms are best suited for the pedestal sinks over other types of sinks. These are bathrooms with tight space, including half baths and quarter bathrooms. A homeowner that needs a 20th-century style can also opt for the pedestal sink. Most of these sinks derive their designs from the traditional styles, giving them an authentic, vintage look. Whichever design you settle for, an airy and open look is assured with a pedestal sink.

How Are Pedestal Sinks Installed?
It always catches homeowners by surprise that pedestal sink lavatories derive their support from the wall behind the sink and the pedestal. The wall where the pedestal is to be placed must be strong enough to support much of the lavatories' weight. The plumber installing the pedestal sink must ensure the supply and drain pipes enter the sink through the wall and not the floor. During installation, two hanger bolts are fixed on the wall behind the lavatory, thus bracing the basin and the pedestal to the wall. After connecting all the fixtures, caulk is used to seal all seams. Installation of pedestal sinks is relatively simple than other types of units. A new sink should always come with guidelines that include brace installation, sink installation, how to do the finishing details, and the clean-up.
Are Pedestal Vanities Resurfacing?
Pedestals sink's new designs have changed people's perception of the traditional pedestal-style sink. Some have a bulkier or artistic base with less focus on the narrow center column people associate them with. By so doing, designers maintain the minimalist look of the pedestal sinks but in a more artistic way. Most modern bathrooms are now mimicking this style or redesigning it to take it to a whole new level. Depending on your taste, you may stick with the classic but updated designs of the pedestal sinks. All the same, the sink's minimalist and elegant look has now taken the world by storm in place of the bulky vanity cabinets.
How Do You Maximize Storage with Limited Space?
As it is now clear, pedestal sinks do not offer storage like their vanity counterparts, but this should not discourage you from purchasing one. You can choose to combine the pedestal-style sink with hanging cabinets or over the toilet storage where floor space is limited. Though loved for their sleek and minimalist designs, the pedestal sinks still lack the basic features people need in a bathroom, such as counter space. This can be countered by installing a mirrored cabinet above the sinks for small items, floating shelves, or an additional storage unit above or around the toilet area.
What Is the Cost of Pedestal Sinks?
Affordable models of the pedestal sink are available, depending on your interior decor style and where you buy from. However, it is worth noting that a pedestal sink's professional installation costs two to three times more than installing a typical washbasin. Alternatively, you can buy a cheaper pedestal lavatory and do the DIY installation to offset the high costs of professional installation. This type of sink, though cheap, will still prove a worthy investment in the long run because it will last longer than the cheap vanity cabinets options.
Wrapping Up
Suppose you are contemplating switching from bathroom vanity cabinets to the pedestal sinks. Beforehand, you should know that you need to replace the flooring, the baseboards, and the wallboards when the old vanity cabinet is removed. This, however, should not demoralize you from choosing the more stylish and minimalist pedestal sinks. Bathroom storage is vital for day-to-day life. When you need a stylish way to store extra towels, hair brushes, makeup kits, and bathroom supplies, always count on pedestal sinks. Don't forget the many ways to increase the sink storage space e.g. hanging spice racks, under sink shelving, or adding some baskets.

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