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Useful Hacks To Expand Garage Storage Space

Useful Hacks To Expand Garage Storage Space

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Home Vendor News Useful Hacks To Expand Garage Storage Space

If you have run out of storage space in your home, then it is likely that you have considered utilizing garage storage space as a viable idea to store tons of extra items- or perhaps have already done so. A home’s garage is an effective and convenient space to store tools and other seasonal items in the house while keeping them hidden from your guests’ prying eyes.
However, it is not long before your precious space turns into a dreary and stuffy place in which you can step foot. From yard maintenance stuff to sporting goods, the garage is every homeowner’s catch-all space. While clearing out the clutter is the first step towards a spacious and well-organized garage, the problem is often deeper than that.
If you are struggling to deal with your messy and overstuffed garage, then you are at the right place. The following are some hacks to help you make the most of your garage storage space by maximizing its utility and efficiency.
Build Storage Cabinets
If your garage does not have any cabinets and you are storing goods in stacks of boxes on the floor, then it is about time you invest in building a garage cabinet system. They are great for locking up hazardous materials like chemical and cleaning supplies and storing sports gear or automobile essentials.
Installing formal storage cabinets will not only help clear the clutter and keep your garage organized but make it easier to categorize items and store them as you want. Not to mention that they are visually appealing and make it easier to move throughout the space.
They safely store all your valuables but keep them safe from dust and grime, making it well worth your time, effort, and money. The icing on the cake, garage storage cabinets can help increase your home’s value.
Install a Pegboard
When it is about small space storage, you must think vertically. One of the best and most versatile garage organization hacks includes installing a heavy-duty pegboard to organize your hand tools and hardware.
With a pegboard mounted on a wall, you can store a variety of essential items, including but not limited to rakes, shovels, electric drills, sporting goods, extension cords, and more. Purchase a series of wire brackets to store basic tools and some hanging baskets for things like nails, screws, or bottles of glue.
These durable metal boards are also great for hanging essential power tools and keeping them close at hand for easy access as and when needed.
Utilize Wall Space To Its Fullest
Cramming up maximum onto the garage walls is essential to maximize garage storage capacity and declutter. Using up the floor for storage purposes will always make the garage feel cluttered and messy.
For an inexpensive solution, hammer in heavy-duty utility hooks and brackets to stash multitudes of large and small items like hand tools, garden chairs, ladders, bicycles, tires, fans, and more.
Install a compact tool rack to mount up long-handled tools like shovels and sledgehammers, which would not fit in a cabinet or shelf and take up valuable space.
A magnetic tool board will save you from the hassle of losing those all-important nuts and bolts and keep all the other little metal items organized and within easy reach at all times.
Wire utility shelves are other hanging accessories you should consider to have enough storage flexibility.
Think Overhead Storage Solutions
If you think you are exceeding your garage storage limit, it may be about time to put those tote bags and big plastic storage boxes up off the floor and onto your garage ceiling. With an overhead garage storage solution, you can safely store infrequently used items overhead on higher-level shelves.
Using ceiling-mounted racks serves as the perfect way to keep seasonal items like lawn chairs, holiday decorations, or camping gear out of the way, all while keeping the eye-level areas in your garage organized and clutter-free. Storing things overhead will help reclaim your garage by giving more added floor space to hold additional materials in the garage. Besides, it will make it safer by preventing you and the family from stepping around clutter, including any potential hazards that may be present on the garage floor.
If you are in need of garage storage in Las Vegas, then a specialist provider can help you install modular systems. They can conveniently store all types of oddly shaped items, including bicycles and other long-term storage items.
Build Wooden Shelves
Convert those nifty corners of your garage into a functional storage space by building a set of DIY shelving systems with plywood sheets. This garage storage hack is an easy and cheap storage solution where you can take advantage of existing studs and use scrap plywood to build wooden shelves. It is an effective method to squash clutter and frees up the floor space, making it easy to scan everything you have kept.
Whether it is storing bins filled with seldom-used items or arranging smaller items like oils, waxes, glues, and polishes, this elegant yet economical technique is a great way to expand storage space in your garage and keep it clean and tidy.
The best thing about wood is that it is easily customizable. You can cut it according to your needs, shape it up to the preferred length, and color it the way you want. Not only this, wooden shelves help add elements of sophistication and charm to your garage space.

For most homeowners, a garage is a lot more than a spot to park their cars. It is a practical extension of home storage space to put away everything from gardening gear, tools and hardware, car cleaning products, painting supplies, outdoor recreation equipment, winter tires, and tons of other stuff.
However, large amounts of clutter can quickly turn your garage into a disorganized, chaotic space where you may find it hard to fit your car indoors and move around. With that said, it is never too late to take action.
Implementing these simplistic storage ideas will help create order and transform your garage into an organizational oasis, all while making it visually appealing and saving you hours endlessly searching for things.


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