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Power Tools Every Handyman Needs In His Garage

Power Tools Every Handyman Needs In His Garage

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When it comes to tool ownership, it’s not only the large construction companies that use them. Whilst power tools are employed for building hotels, factories and apartment blocks, they are also widely used by homeowners. Whether it’s for DIY or a hobby, many folks own anything from a lathe to a power drill.
If you are starting out in the area of home improvement (including woodwork and metalwork) there are a range of tools you may end up using. Not only can they prove indispensable for the task, but they can save you time as well. If you have been wondering what to buy and have some money available, read on. This article will discuss some of the most useful and popular power tools you can get.

Angle Grinders

If you need to cut, roughen, sharpen or polish something, this could be your tool. They are used for sawing and laying tiles, and for addressing scratches on cars. You can remove rust or old paint with them, and use their power to restore old furniture.
Angle grinders can help you whether you’re putting up a building, woodworking or metalworking. They can also cope with stone and ceramics. They can be powered by compressed air, petrol or electricity.
If you’re wondering about the disc size or power and speed, it’s wise to first check the internet. There are specialist sites that can help you locate the best angle grinder, cordless screwdriver, or table saw. Price comparison sites often provide handy buying guides, whether it’s for a jigsaw or framing nailer.

Cordless Drills

They come with rechargeable batteries, and being portable you can take them anywhere. Another benefit is that you don’t have an electric lead that gets in the way. You can use them to screw things into wood or walls, and they can often cope with heavy-duty construction tasks, too.
In order to get the best from your drill, it’s wise to buy lots of bits. Then you can use it to work your way through plastic, brick, metal, wood and more.

Air Compressors

Whilst most of these are stationary, it’s also possible to purchase portable versions. They are used by people who wish to blow up a ball or tire, and rotary screw air compressors are often used to power pneumatic tools. They are a good purchase if you intend to use a nail gun, spray paint or make cabinets. It won’t be your noisiest tool, either.
You don’t need to buy a heavy-duty one if it’s only needed for household purposes. Simply check out how much air the device can generate (ideally between 1.5 and 2.5 CFM).

Circular Saws

They can make light work of cutting through wood, and achieve a high level of accuracy in terms of measurements. That’s good news if you’re setting up an area of decking in the back garden or making a garden shed. The blade of the circular saw spins at a high speed as it hacks its way through the wood. You can use it to achieve both straight and bevel cuts.
If you buy the right equipment you can use them for cutting through metal, plastic and masonry as well as wood. While we’re on the subject of saws, you may also want to research jigsaws, band saws, chainsaws and chop saws.

Power Screwdrivers

Why hurt your hands trying to screw and unscrew things when a handy power screwdriver can do the job more quickly and efficiently? You can buy versions that need to be plugged in at the wall, that use standard batteries or that run off rechargeable batteries.
They all come with complex gearing and the more driver bits you buy, the more applications it will have. The advantage power screwdrivers have over cordless drills is that they have higher torque and a slower rate.


They are nothing to do with the internet and wifi connection! Woodworkers find them useful for creating recesses and grooves. They also have uses for planing down timber and adding skirting and architrave to strips of wood. Whether you need to create a hole or a wooden cabinet, this is the tool to do it.
Metalworkers also own routers so they can create patterns and finish edges. They can also recess door hinges with them as well.

Impact Drivers

They are like a cordless drill on speed. They have a concussive action that uses the impact to force large screws into hard surfaces. Whilst electric drills transfer the vibration to your wrists, impact drivers are more kind. They create hundreds of small impacts each second, thus reducing the shock to your body.
They are very versatile tools and are good at tackling long bolts and screws.

Nail Guns

Who said power tools weren’t exciting? You can use these to shoot nails, using the power of compressed air or electricity. They are great at doing the work of a hammer, powerfully driving nails into wood and other materials.
They come in a variety of sizes, and won’t break the bank if you decide to buy one.


They use sandpaper to smooth surfaces, and can be hand-held or attached to a bench. People use them for woodwork and car body repairs, and for removing paint and stain.
Furniture restorers use them to create a great finish on the wood. Even some tasks involving hardwood floors and metal can be completed using one.


These are a little more specialized, being owned by people who use cutting tools against wood or metal. While this occurs a table rotates, making it ideal for bowl-making or shaping other things made of metal, wood and more. They can also be used for sanding, knurling, facing, turning, drilling and deformation.
Hopefully you have increased your understanding of these highly useful power tools. Why not go online now and check out some prices and product specifications? Whatever your future needs, there will no doubt be something you can buy to help you. In turn you can be proud of your craftsmanship and the money that you save.


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