Trending Practices in Project Management

Successful implementation of the project plan ensures a fluid flow of processes from the get-go to completion. Project management generally follows the process of planning, initiation, execution, monitoring, and closing almost across all industries. 
Project management is often associated with fields in engineering and construction, which normally involves complex components that need to be assembled to build a fully functional product. However, project management in commercial, industrial, residential and childcare projects is gaining traction,” connotes project manager and public liability insurance specialist Audrey Bergen of Rapid Biz. 
To help you keep up with industry dynamics, we listed down some trending practices in project management to help you out. 

Use Of Innovative Technologies 

New technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and robotic automation, in project management, is emerging trend. As a project manager, you need to ensure that everything in your organization is synchronized to eliminate the gaps between the plan and what it delivers. 
The construction industry, for instance, is one of the three industries with sluggish innovation. This problem often results in productivity and budget issues. If you can seize the opportunity to incorporate technology in your projects, you are one step ahead in your game. 

Implementing A Mix And Match Of Methodologies

The Australian Institute of Project Management’s 2019 survey revealed that 89% of project managers implemented hybrid project management practices. A range of methodologies is available for a project manager to become familiar with and choose from to create a custom-fit plan of action. Take the time to find and assimilate the methods, as this crucially impacts the overall performance of your project. 
Furthermore, the Australian Institute of Project Management identified the five most common methodologies, and they’re the following: 

  • The Agile 
  • Waterfall 
  • Prince2 
  • Critical Path Method 
  • Earned Value Management.  

These only provide a philosophy on how you run your project. So, if you find more than one method that fits your organization’s needs and structure, do your homework and decide accordingly. 

Taking Advantage Of Collaborative Tools 

Successful project completion and delivery require the alignment of processes and organizational divisions. Failure to define the project goals and share them with the team may cause confusion, delays, or monetary loss. 
The use of collaboration software is significant, with 51% of organizations using collaboration tools to support product delivery.

Outsourcing Help From Experts

Sometimes managing a project on your own might result in unsatisfactory outputs. Hiring an expert project manager, whether from a consultancy or outsourced capacity, can provide you with another perspective on your project and an extended level of productivity. 

Working With A Project Manager Is Always Worth It! 

Expert project managers are equipped with the technical know-how and essential skills to deliver high-quality project results on time and within your set budget. Even when you already have a solid project management method in place, don’t get too comfortable as there will always be newer and better approaches coming every time.  
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