Tree Pruning For Summer 2022

The summer is nearly here, and by the time you have read this, it may be well and truly in place. It is around this time of year that many people decide to look at their gardens and homes and carry out some improvements.
The warmer weather can make gardening and landscaping work far more enjoyable than in the winter, and some changes are necessary at that time of year.
Trees are a part of the garden that also need maintenance around the year, and you might decide that spring and summer are the right time to carry some out. One thing that trees need is to be pruned and trimmed.

Can you prune your own trees?

There are plenty of guides on the internet for pruning trees, and as long as yours isn’t too big you may be able to do it yourself.
There are plenty of reasons for pruning trees, and sometimes it will fall under someone else’s responsibility. The SCE states that if trees are touching power lines then it is the utility company’s responsibility to prune the tree.
However, this only counts if the tree is on public land. If a tree is on your property and is touching power cables it will be your responsibility to trim it. But, this is one time that you shouldn’t attempt the work yourself.
No matter how handy you are around the home, a tree that has branches touching power lines should be seen by professional tree surgeons.

Should you use tree surgeons for pruning?

In the above case surrounding power cables, yes, you should always use tree surgeons. Another reason for using quality tree surgeons for pruning and trimming is because they are experienced in this dangerous work.
Pruning sounds simple enough, and safe too. Yet, pruning a tree isn’t the same as snipping away at a few branches of a hedge. Pruning a tree can involve heights and heavy, dangerous equipment such as saws and chainsaws. 
There are a number of accidents and fatalities every year involving tree work, and many are amateurs attempting work that they are not qualified to carry out.
If the tree is small, however, there should be no such issues. Smaller, younger trees can be pruned perfectly well by yourself, to encourage growth, and to make them look generally better.

What should you know when pruning trees this summer?

It would seem that there are common misconceptions about pruning trees. These include the myth that you cannot prune a tree in the summer.
You can prune a tree at any time of the year, but there are certain risks with pruning in late spring or the summer. If you are planning on pruning your tree, or trees, this summer, then this is when you should consult a tree surgeon or arborist. 
Generally speaking, the best time for pruning trees is when they are dormant. This helps to promote growth the following spring. However, there are circumstances when summer pruning is recommended.
If your tree is posing a risk to those around and to the property, then you will need to prune it. For example, if your tree has suffered some storm damage, or if there are dying or broken limbs. These should be removed regardless of what time of the year it is.
Minor pruning in the summer poses no problem either, and some gardeners believe pruning during this season reduces the risk of infection as there are fewer fungal spores in the air.

What time of the year is best for pruning trees?

As mentioned above, when a tree is dormant is generally the recommended time for pruning. This then would be mid to late winter, or from November up to around March time.
There are reasons why you need professional tree services, and it is often for their experience as well as their expertise. A qualified tree surgeon will know how to best prune a tree, and to do so safely.
Winter is a popular time to prune for a few reasons. Firstly, with all the foliage gone, it is a much easier and clearer task to prune a tree.
The second reason is the same as why some people recommend summer pruning. Trees are supposedly less susceptible to infection, disease, and damage by insects.
The last reason ties into the second. Pruning involves removing branches from the tree which leaves it at some risk of disease. Trees generally heal quicker in the winter, which is why they may be at less of a risk.

Searching for a tree surgeon

Pruning a small tree poses no risk at all, but if you should require a ladder to climb the tree, or if branches are overhead and no longer light, you should use a tree surgeon.
Ideally, your neighbors will have called in a tree surgeon before, and you can simply get a recommendation. Failing this, you can search online for someone local and in your area. While you are comparing tree surgeons, look for statements on their website regarding insurance, testimonials, and how long they have been operating.
It is also a good idea to look for accreditations for arborists or tree surgeons. These can involve membership to ISA Certified Arborists, or Trustmark Registered Company. Trustpilot is also a good way to check for reviews and customer satisfaction. 


If you are intent on pruning your own tree and are satisfied that it is safe to do so, then search online for a complete guide. There are many resources for tree lovers on YouTube, and gardening and tree blogs.
There may be some considerations when pruning in the summer, and the type of tree you have may also be a factor. When in doubt, contact an arborist to gain advice.
And under no circumstances should anyone try to prune a large tree themselves during any season. Pruning any tree that requires climbing should not be undertaken by anyone but a qualified tree surgeon. Calling in a professional will mean that the pruning is done properly, and safely.

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