Top Security Tips When Planning Building Renovation

In the shadows of the COVID-19 pandemic and destruction, new innovations and opportunities are rising from the ashes. Commercial buildings are facing new challenges, however, in light of new working practices that emerged during pandemic lockdowns. 

Many workers have become accustomed to hybrid working, spending some time in the office and some time working remotely. Companies are continuing this practice in the aftermath of lockdowns, instilling a better work-life balance for employees. However, this also requires a new way of thinking in regards to the security of buildings.

Many companies are revamping their infrastructure in the emergence of this new working environment. However, security considerations such as maintaining the safety and security of your building, employees, and data are still important. 
Here, we will detail the security issues you need to consider when planning to renovate a commercial building.

What to Consider When Renovating a Building?

When renovating a building, you have the opportunity to start afresh and dynamically design the entire property. Whilst the aesthetics of the building may be at the forefront of your mind, make sure you consider security first.

Security Planning

You should first begin with security planning, which includes conducting a security assessment to determine risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. 

You should consider the location of the building and where any sensitive business data or stock is kept. You should assess what type of person would want to gain unauthorized access to your building. Does your building have any vulnerabilities in its layout? All access points to the building should be assessed and further risks identified at this stage.

Occupancy Management Technology

The Covid-19 pandemic has repelled the idea of a crowded workplace. Employees want space and so occupancy management is important when renovating a building. Why not install occupancy management technology during your building renovation?
You would be able to monitor how many people are in one room at one time. This is a key consideration for hybrid workers who work in the office at different times of the week. You could ensure that the design of the room takes into account overcrowding.

Arranging Safe Inventory Relocation & Storage

Property-wide renovation takes both time and occupies a ton of space which means that your average inventory, such as desks, chairs, seating, kitchen commodities, sofas, wall installations and anything in between, will need to be placed into storage until renovation is done with, along with transporting items both ways.

Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud-based access control allows security management to become so easier. You will need to install touchless door pads, or smart locks, on every access point to the building. Employees will then be granted authorized credentials so that they can access the building as and when required.

Many businesses are choosing to upload access control credentials to an employee’s mobile phone. This saves the business money in contrast to providing numerous key cards and key fobs to employees. 

This is also a more secure method, as mobile phones already use multi-factor authentication through passwords and biometrics. This means that if an employee was to lose their mobile phone, it would be difficult for someone to open it. The access control credentials for the employer’s infrastructure will be safe from unauthorized use.

Using such cloud-based systems means that management, monitoring, and maintenance can be done remotely.  You do not need to be on-site to alter authorized credentials or update the software.

Video Surveillance Integration

Using the latest cloud-based access control system is the perfect choice to ensure a secure workplace. However, security is increased further when your access control system is integrated with video surveillance. 

Integrating an intercom system for your business enables you to see who is trying to gain access to the building. Is the person that is trying to gain entry the authorized user of the credential being used? 

Linking this to the cloud-based access control system allows you to check this remotely. You can see live video surveillance of the individual to identify them and grant access, or deny access. 

This is a time-saving feature if your company routinely receives visitors. You can enact visitor management processes remotely and effortlessly.

You can additionally incorporate wireless IoT devices and sensors to detect security camera blind spots.

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