Top 6 Moving Tips From Reno, NV Expert Movers

Moving to a different city, locale, or new home in the neighbourhood is as exciting as exciting gets. But it can also be challenging. At least, if not armed with the proper guidelines with how to move efficiently, and with more time to spare.
Here are Reno moving tips we’ve collated from experts, for your moving adventure to be seamless and stress-free.

Pro Moving Tips: From Small-To-Large Packing

  1. Throw What Needs To Be Thrown

The first mistake people do is to pack EVERYTHING into boxes. This gives room for clutter. And frankly, it will take you loads of time and effort to box up your all stuff if there are way too many of them.
We understand that some may be sentimental when it comes to hoarding items. But perhaps now is the opportune moment to sift must-keeps from non-must-keeps. You can do so by assigning “function” to them. “Function” in the context of “what are they for?” “How can these items help you or your family?”

  1. Heavy At The Bottom, Lightweight At The Top

We know that this is a basic and general rule. Still, we’re including it here because it’s one that’s often overlooked. Rank your things and assign the heaviest ones at the bottom of each box or moving container.
Lighter and more fragile things are to be set at the very top. Or on top of said heavier paraphernalia. By the way, remember to wrap the “Fragiles” with layers of newspaper or bubble wrap.

  1. No Empty Spaces

Empty spaces in boxes will, later on, be among the causes for damage on the items therein. If these box-spaces are much too small for any other item you need to pack, fill them in with crumpled newspaper or packing peanuts (styrofoam). We suggest the first, in case you’re trying to do your part in living Earth-friendly.

  1. One Box Per Room (And Don’t Forget To Label Them)

Use one box per room, and per furniture and item-type. The latter, if possible. In doing so, you won’t have any trouble labelling them once the boxes are sealed and ready to go. In parallel to this, it’ll be easier on you come unpacking. You can simply shove (carefully and gently) the boxes in the room they’re supposed to be in. And you won’t have to transfer items from one new room to the next any longer.
Plus, label each box. To supplement this, check out what’s on number 5.

  1. Have A “Things To Pack” List

Do NOT merely pull out some flimsy scrap paper from somewhere on your desk. N-O. Instead, write on your organizer (if you have one) or a small notebook. A new stack of Post-Its is good, too. As long you’ll be mindful of where to keep it.
The list should be separated into the number of rooms you currently have in your soon-to-be-moved-out-home. Under each room category, write down every item that you are to pack (and unpack). Write down the details in conjunction with the labels you’ve already inscribed on your packing boxes.

  1. Packing Tape. Simple

Ascertain that after a box is packed full and properly (numbers 1 to 5 were observed), seal its openings with packing tape. You wouldn’t want all that effort to go to nought if, upon carrying a box, all of its content falls out.
Secure it with packing tape on both sides--- the top and the bottom of the container.

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