Top 10 smartest cat breeds in the world

Each person gets himself a pet for some reason: it is important for someone to take prizes at exhibitions, someone needs a cheerful companion for playing with children or wants to get an emotional support cat - the list is endless. But if you want to find yourself a truly intelligent companion, you should consider one of these top smart cat breeds.
Sphinxes adapt well to the daily routine in the house and quickly learn to use the litter box. They perfectly feel the owner: when he needs the attention of the pet, and when it is better to leave him alone. But at the same time, sphinxes are very sociable animals and do not tolerate loneliness at all. In the presence of the owner, they are completely independent creatures and can take care of themselves. For example, when sphinxes get cold, they easily find the warmest place in the house to keep warm. They also get along well with other animals. Intelligence helps them in training - cats lend themselves well to training, immediately understand the prohibitions - just say "You can't!"
Oriental cats
This smart breed of cats is loved very much not only abroad, but also in Russia. For orientals, contact with a person with whom they are able to build a strong emotional connection is very important. They also treat other animals positively, contact them. Orientals have a fine mental organization, that is, they are very vulnerable. For example, they do not tolerate betrayal - after it it is very difficult to restore the previous contact with the pet. Orientals quickly get used to home if they find love and care in it. They can be trained - they can easily learn and execute a few simple commands. Since these smart cats and cats have a subtle sense of the mood of their owners, they also have no problems understanding the prohibitions.
Siamese cats
Siamese cats are extremely inquisitive and love to communicate with humans, some even believe that they are more like dogs in character. "Siam" lends itself well to training: these cats are easy to teach various tricks, but only if you have enough patience - along with outstanding intellectual abilities and ingenuity, these pussies also have an obstinate character. Siamese cats quickly get used to the new home and to the daily routine of its inhabitants. In addition, they are quick to memorize commands. Siamese cats can be trained, but only when they are in the mood. Siamese cats perfectly understand prohibitions, but there is one "but" here - there should not be too many prohibitions. With other animals "Siamese" do not seek to contact, but gradually get used to their presence in the house.
Unusual short-legged cats of the Munchkin breed also need constant communication with a person, building equal partnerships with him. The friendliness of these cats is very noticeable by how willingly they mate with other animals in the house. They quickly get used to the house and are well oriented in the environment - both physical and moral, subtly feeling how they should behave in a given situation. Cats quickly learn new skills and even tricks. They react quite calmly and obediently to prohibitions - they do not like conflicts. This breed is considered one of the smartest and most affectionate in the world.
Bengal cats
The close ancestor of the Bengal cat is the wild Asian leopard cat, therefore, Bengals have well-developed instincts: they are able to make decisions quickly, are cunning, have a lively mind and intuition, tend to follow the leader, who is the owner for them at home - with him these cats and cats prefer to communicate most of all, they are ready to listen to his prohibitions and instructions. In the house, they get used to literally in a matter of days, as they are very curious and willingly get acquainted with the world around them - including other animals. And thanks to a good memory, just like the munchkins, Bengal cats are trainable.
Abyssinian cat
If an Abyssinian kitten has appeared in your house, do not try to restrain his curiosity - while exploring everything around, he gradually gets used to you and to a new habitat. Abyssinian cats are easy to train, they are very communicative and tuned in to communicate with the owner, they understand the prohibitions well. They get along well with other animals, but it can take some time to make friends with pets.
Siberian cat
Siberian cats are well oriented on the terrain and quickly get used to the house. Even if they go far from him, for example, in the country, they easily find their way back. Cats of this breed are loved in many ways for their loyalty to the owner and home. Siberian cats are one of the smartest and most loyal. They quickly master the rules, understand prohibitions, and are easy to train. Siberian cats love to communicate with the owner, but they never impose their society, subtly feeling the mood of a person. Siberian cats and cats easily find contact with animals.
Maine Coon
Maine Coons are getting used to the house quickly, if there is an owner next to them in the first days to help them adapt. Once the cat is comfortable in the house, you can make sure that it is easy to train - it can follow commands and respond to inhibitions. You will also notice how easily and willingly it makes contact with you. With other animals these cats and cats become friends very quickly.
Norwegian Forest Cat
Representatives of this breed, as a rule, perceive all family members as their masters and are drawn to communicate with them. They can be easily accustomed to the tray, they also quickly become familiar in the house. The main thing is that the cat has its own place where it will feel especially comfortable. At first, a Norwegian cat may try to get around your inhibitions, but gradually, if you show enough patience, you will be moderately persistent, but at the same time you will not put pressure on the cat, it will listen to you. Norwegian forest cats and cats are smarter than many other animals, which allows them to get along well with all the inhabitants of the house, including other cats and dogs.
Balinese cat
With your help, this miniature cat will quickly get comfortable in the house. Be there: it really needs your attention and support. Soon it will master the litter box - Balinese cats are easy to train. Chat with your cat more often, it is very outgoing and loves affection. You can always negotiate with a Balinese cat - it perfectly understands the prohibitions. Balinese cats and cats love to play and thus begin to be friends with other animals in the house.

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