Tips on How to Select Kitchen Flooring

If you have plans to remodel your kitchen, an important element to plan for is what type of flooring to install. The kitchen floor occupies a big surface area and is a dominant feature in your kitchen. It affects the entire look and feel of your kitchen. Therefore, careful consideration must be made during your planning. 
People differ in their style and preferences of kitchen flooring materials. Some homeowners like natural wood because they like the warm characteristics of wood. Others might prefer tile because they like the cool feeling. After you make a decision on your flooring material, choose a theme and design.  
There are many options to choose from and it can get overwhelming. This guide covers the most important points that you should consider when you go through your decision-making process. 


Tiles are a versatile material. People like tiles because they are convenient and look fabulous in almost any style of kitchen, whether it is a traditional design or ultra-modern. Tiles give the kitchen a clean, streamlined look. 
Tiles are also easy to maintain. This is one of the big draws that attract homeowners to tiles. If you have spills or stains, you can easily just wipe them off. Tiles do feel cold to the touch, and they can be quite heavy. So, it depends on the underlayment of your kitchen. 


Wood is attractive and the wood grain gives it personality. Most kitchens will look wonderful with a hardwood floor. The look is simple and clean, so it is perfect for a kitchen in a traditional or shaker style. A wood floor can bring all the kitchen design elements together. 
If you are also using wood for your kitchen countertop, be sure the wood surfaces of the floor and countertop are complementary. You do not want them to clash and take over the kitchen. Having materials with designs that work well together is better than using one single design because the latter can look one-dimensional. 


If most of your kitchen design elements and decor are neutral, you can consider using bolder and brighter patterns for your flooring. This complements the muted design elements in your kitchen. However, if you already have bold patterns in your kitchen, do not use bold patterns for your floor because they will clash and give your kitchen a cluttered look. Use care when you choose patterns. 
Consider alternating-colored tiles for a simple, yet stylish design. You can achieve an eclectic look by installing individual patterned tiles in strategic places or use a striped pattern to make the kitchen look longer. 


A wood or tiled floor in a plain design can complement a wide variety of kitchen styles. When choosing the texture or color, go with natural tones that never go out of style. As mentioned earlier, your kitchen floor has big impact on the overall look of your kitchen, so choose something that will look great for a long time. 

Additional Ideas to Think About 

In additional to the design and style of your kitchen, you also need to keep in mind the following aspects of putting in a new floor: 
Your budget: Do not overlook your budget when making decisions about your floor. Cost can vary greatly depending on the material you choose. You also have to account for the materials required to install the floor like underlayment, grout, and fixatives. 
Maintenance needs: Your kitchen will be used a lot every day. In addition to basic cleaning, consider how much extra maintenance your flooring will need in the long-term. Some materials might require treating and resealing. Before you choose a material, keep that in mind. 

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