Tips, Lifehacks, Reviews: Resource List for Students

Student life is tough. For many, enrolling in a college or university is the first time they leave their parents’ home and venture into the uncharted territory of living on their own.
And it’s not only autonomy and independence that can be overwhelming. Most young people also have to learn how to balance studies, extracurriculars, leisure, and work.
Fortunately, the internet is full of pages with tips and lifehacks to make any student’s life easier. Here are 15 such websites that are worth your while, grouped into 5 major categories.

1.   Academics

Struggling with becoming a stellar learner and acing all the tests? Here are three websites that can help you out:

  • Study Guide Zone. Here, you’ll find two sections that will help you get better at studies: Study Resources and Study Tips. This blog is also the perfect place to start if you’re only getting ready to go to college.
  • NoCramming. If you’re looking for an essay writing service, check their in-depth rundowns, like this do my essay review. The reviewers work like mystery shoppers and describe every aspect of the customer journey and the services’ quality.
  • The Red Pen Blog. This is an education consulting company’s blog, but it’s still worth checking out. There are handy posts on writing essays and papers, choosing a degree, and career planning.

2.   Entertainment

Every student needs to rest once in a while. Here are three websites to spice up your leisure:

  • The Movie Blog. Tired of scrolling through Netflix not knowing what to watch next? This blog has plenty of movie lists, like this selection of technology movies for students, as well as interviews and the latest news.
  • StudyBreaks. This is the go-to place for everything related to pop culture. There, you’ll find reviews and opinions on films, TV shows, music, and books that captured the student community’s attention.
  • r/Student Subreddit. This is where you’ll find memes and funny videos that will hit close to home if you’re a student, as well as discussions and questions related to this particular lifestyle.

3.   Self-Education

Learning doesn’t have to stop as soon as you leave the classroom. Here are three websites that’ll come in handy if you want to keep improving your competencies on your own:

  • eLearning Inside. This is your go-to place for all information on remote learning. For example, there you can find lists of helpful websites for students who want to develop their skills outside of class hours.
  • Saylor Academy. This is a non-profit organization that aims to provide fully free online courses to anyone. At the moment, there are around 100 courses that are as good as college ones.
  • FutureLearn. This is another MOOC platform that offers courses in 14 fields, most of which are free. Besides, its blog is full of articles on learning to learn and other soft and hard skills.

4.   Entrepreneurship & Career

Ready to start out on your path towards the dream career or your own enterprise? Here are your guides:

  • European Business Review. This is the right place to get some inspiration from articles like these business ideas in lockdown, as well as read up on how to start your business right and keep it afloat.
  • College Entrepreneur 101. It can be your crash course on starting a business while at college thanks to detailed guides on finances and budgeting, e-commerce, productivity, and entrepreneurship.
  • Warwick Careers Blog. Created by the University of Warwick, it’s full of knowledge-packed articles on how to make it in the graduate job market.

5.   Finances

College lifestyle often means cutting costs whenever possible. These three websites are full of information on managing your finances right:

  • Student Hacks. This whole website is dedicated to money-saving lifehacks and guides on how to cut costs in every aspect of your life.
  • Save the Student! Although it’s a website targeted at those living in the UK, young people from all parts of the world will find helpful tips on budget management and finances there.
  • The Student Blogger. This blog is full of helpful lifehacks on other topics, but its money-saving section is the most outstanding one.


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