Tiktok revealed as only the fifth most searched brand in America

Ranked: The most influential brands in America

  • OnlyFans is found to be the most influential brand, with 147,736 monthly Google searches on average for the company’s branding.
  • Instagram is second with 145,810 monthly searches, while YouTube is third with 107,389 monthly searches.
  • Starbucks, Apple, and Nike also feature in the top ten.

A new study has revealed that OnlyFans has the most influential branding in America.

Web design company Digital Silk analyzed search data for more than 200 of the world’s largest brands by combining each name with the terms ‘logo,’ ‘brand,’ and ‘branding’ to see which brands people are searching for the most in America.

1. OnlyFans

Topping the list as the company with the most influential branding is OnlyFans, with an average of 147,736 combined monthly searches. The subscription-based website and app has taken America by storm in recent years, providing a lower barrier to entry for people interested in controlling how they produce and share their own NSFW content.

The OnlyFans logo comprises a rounded, stylized, white F overlaid on a light blue O, with a different shade of light blue for the background.

2. Instagram

Instagram is the second most influential brand, with an average of 145,810 combined monthly searches. The image-sharing site is many people’s social media platform of choice, also allowing users to share short-form video content with Reels, and recently launching Twitter competitor, Threads.

The current Instagram logo is a simplified camera icon colored in a gradient of yellows, reds, and purples.

3. YouTube

Coming third is YouTube, with an average of 107,389 combined monthly searches. The video-sharing website has practically every niche covered in some way by its content creators. It is widely recognized for its logo, which features a rounded red rectangle with a white ‘play’ symbol in the center next to black YouTube text.

4. Starbucks

With an average of 99,247 combined monthly searches, Starbucks is fourth for the company with the most influential branding. America’s largest coffee shop company by market share, Starbucks is ubiquitous due to its vast number of brick-and-mortar coffee shops.

The current Starbucks logo features the top half of a twin-tailed siren from Greek mythology in white and green atop a green background.

5. TikTok

TikTok ranks fifth for companies with the most influential branding, accruing 96,194 combined monthly searches on average. TikTok is now one of the largest video-sharing platforms alongside YouTube, providing a curated feed of short-form content that caters to every user’s taste.

The TikTok logo features a black musical note made to look as though it has cyan and magenta chromatic aberrations next to the word ‘TikTok.’

6. Facebook

Coming sixth for the companies with the most influential branding is Facebook, with an average of 95,052 combined monthly searches. Facebook is still many people’s social media platform of choice, allowing people to connect with people around the world.

In recent years it has also attempted to branch into other areas, such as virtual reality with its Metaverse product. The Facebook logo is a lower-case white F in the center of a blue circle.

7. Nike

With an average of 93,753 combined monthly searches, Nike is seventh for the companies with the most influential branding. Nike is one of the world's largest premier sportswear manufacturers, and their logo routinely adorns the uniforms of elite athletes. The Nike logo, known as the ‘Swoosh,’ is a stylized tick with a rounded bottom left section.

8. Amazon

Amazon ranks eighth for the most influential branding, averaging 93,305 combined monthly searches. Amazon is a giant of the logistics world, delivering countless packages each day. Amazon has also expanded into areas such as video streaming with Prime Video and web hosting through their Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Amazon logo is the word Amazon written in black lowercase letters, with a yellow arrow starting under the ‘a’, swooping down and back up to point to the ‘z’.

9. Apple

Apple is the ninth most influential brand, with an average of 88,427 combined monthly searches. Since the introduction of products such as the iPod and iPhone, Apple products have become extremely commonplace, with many people using their products exclusively for their tech needs.

The Apple logo is a minimalist depiction of an apple with a semicircular 'bite’ missing from the right side and is usually depicted in white.

10. Jordan

Rounding out the top ten most influential brands is Jordan, with an average of 77,897 combined monthly searches. A sub-brand of Nike, Jordan originated from star former basketball player Michael Jordan. Jordan sneakers are now one of the most sought-after shoe types, with special editions fetching huge price tags. The Jordan logo, also known as the Jumpman logo, is the silhouette of Michael Jordan fully stretched in the air about to make a slam dunk.

Gabriel Shaoolian, CEO & Founder of Digital Silk, commented on the findings:

“OnlyFans has given many people the opportunity to produce and distribute content on their own terms like never before.

“The hype generated from such a rapid rise to prominence will have contributed to such a relatively young brand eclipsing more established ones such as Nike and Starbucks. People may know those other brands, but that fact doesn’t necessarily make them as interesting, as shown by OnlyFans taking the top spot for the most influential brands.

“It will be fascinating to see how these brands stand the test of time and whether digital brands become even more prominent than they currently are.”

Rank Brand Monthly Searches for Branding
1 OnlyFans 147,736
2 Instagram 145,810
3 YouTube 107,389
4 Starbucks 99,247
5 TikTok 96,194
6 Facebook 95,052
7 Nike 93,753
8 Amazon 93,305
9 Apple 88,427
10 Jordan 77,897
11 Walmart 73,067
12 Google 72,260
13 NFL 70,769
14 Twitter 67,794
15 Target 64,848
16 NBA 63,846
17 Roblox 60,182
18 Pepsi 56,700
19 FedEx 51,349
20 Disney 49,735

Methodology: Brands were selected first by finding keywords linked to the keyword ‘logo.’ Then, using search volume data for the US, the brands with the top 200 values for search volume were combined with ‘logo,’ ‘brand,’ and ‘branding’ and run through Google Keyword Planner to see which brand generates the most searches for those topics. 211 brands were selected due to a tie for 200th place.

Credit: https://www.digitalsilk.com/web-design/new-york/

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