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Whether it’s time to replace your old roof, or your roof was destroyed during the storm, you need to choose the right materials for your roof. There are more roofing materials in the market to choose from. Gone are the old days when people could either choose asphalt, clay, or concrete tiles. If you desire to have a function, style, fit, and durability in just one roof, it’s achievable. Advanced roofing materials can give you the aesthetic look you desire while meeting all the needs of your home. 
Navigating this process can be difficult and you should not spend any extra money on unnecessary roofing materials. You should consider professional help from a roofing company, which handles such cases with the urgency it needs. We have listed the roofing materials you need to know of, highlighting their distinct merits and weaknesses. As a homeowner, consider these points while choosing to roof for your house:  

  • Long life expectancy
  • Affordability
  • Withstand weather I.E.: storms and hurricanes 
  • Addition of value to your property
  • Eco friendly
  • Easy to maintain

Types of materials you should know of 
Asphalt roofing shingle 
This is the most common type of material in America if it’s not the most popular. It is used across the nation since it does well with all types of climate and different environmental conditions. The cost for this type is affordable but it has a shorter life span. The roof needs to be replaced after about twenty years.  
Homeowners who live in areas or climates prone to hail should consider getting impact-resistant shingles. You may get a discount on your insurance premium by indicating your roof is impact-resistant. Asphalt shingles have been in the industry for over 150 years. They are water-resistant and can be made to resemble either wood, tile, or slate shingles. They are cost-effective and easy to install, maintain, or repair. They come in three styles giving you a variety to choose from: 

  •      3-tab shingles –they are in a single layer overlapping like a regular shingle. Each shingle has a slight tone variation which is pleasant to the eye as they overlap each other. They are designed to last for more than twenty years.
  •      Dimensional shingles –they are more stronger and durable than 3-tab shingles. They are designed to last for more than thirty years and are cost-effective. They are arranged in 2 or3 layers as opposed to the single-layer 3-tab. 
  •      Luxury shingles –they tend to imitate the look of slate or cedar shanks. They are installed in homes that want to maintain that natural look at a minimal cost. 

Shakes and wood shingles 
Wood shingles have that beautiful and rustic aesthetic look. If properly installed they can last between 25-40 years. Shingles made of cedar can be treated to be fire-resistant and to prevent premature decay in some climates. Pine would make good shingles if it is properly treated with preservatives to keep away pesky insects, prevent rot and decay. Wood shingles are generally made of four types of trees: pine, red cedar, redwood, and cypress. The trees are sowed on both sides to give them an even taper and thickness. 
Shakes are different from shingles. These are split right from logs then reshaped for manufacturing. They are wedgy since one end is thicker than the other.  
Slate shingles 
There are four advantages to this type of material 

  •      Timeless beauty– they come in different colors and hues. And the rough texture gives it that aesthetically pleasing look. You may have seen this type in historical buildings or elegant homes.
  •      Longevity– these can last up to a hundred years 
  •      Fireproof and water-resistant

This material is quite expensive and breaks easily when hit by force like a hailstorm or other debris.  
Solar tiles 
You should know that solar tiles are not solar panels even though they are solar-powered. The immediate disadvantage of using these tiles is that they are expensive to set up and they rely on sunlight for power. Their advantages are: 

  •      Eco-friendly – solar power reduces our reliance on exhaustible resources. Since solar is renewable, it is an incredible alternative to current methods which release greenhouse gas emissions. Solar power is green and safe.
  •      Cost-effective - within the first year you will notice a drastic reduction in utility bills. Eventually, you may gain independence from local utility companies while escaping the increasing rates of electricity. There are also tax benefits of installing solar.
  •      Longevity - these tiles are built to withstand hail, wind, and fire. Their cost of maintenance is relatively low compared to other roofing materials.

Metal roofing 
You can be certain that the roof will last for as long as your home lasts. They are resistant to insects, mold, and rot. The flat surface allows water to run off the roof and the dark color attracts heat that allows snow to melt quickly. It also reflects light during the warm weather keeping the temperatures in your home at a minimum saving you AC costs.  
Tiles made from rubber 
This slate is considered to be more durable and safer than other authentic slate materials. Synthetic slate is fire resistant and more effective when exposed to an external fire. They are lightweight making them easier to work with. 
Clay Tiles 
They can withstand extremely high temperatures and they are durable so you will find them in areas with warm climates. They give your property that unique rustic style. They are heavy so consider your structure before installing them. Their initial cost is expensive and they are prone to damage especially if you live in an area where storms occur.  
At the end of the day choosing the right materials for your roof narrows down to personal preference and your budget. Determining the actual cost Will depend on how you plan to stay in that house. For example, a metal roof will cost more than shakes and wooden shingles but it will last longer. If you take advantage of the metal roof, you will save money. For more information on roofing materials and installation contact United Roofing company. They are a premium roofing company based in Cullompton. They provide the best roofing materials and craftsmanship for their customers. 


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