Things to Consider Before Buying a Custom Shed

When it comes to buying a ready-made shed there is not much choice to be had, there are not that many styles and sizes you can buy pre-manufactured. However, you can have a shed designed that suits exactly what you are after. From size to style, a custom shed will go perfectly in your back yard or garden, so, getting a shed to suit your style and requirements has never been easier. Now, what do you need to think about before committing to buy:

The Overall Look And Finish

What do you have in mind for your shed, do you want it to complement your house, or do you want it to be sleek and ultra-modern. Having a good idea about what you want can help you visualize what your finished shed will look like. Your shed will be something that will be in your garden for years to come so make sure it looks well designed and fit for purpose.


How big do you want your shed to be, and how big does it need to be. Discover a wide range of durable and customizable rural sheds for sale to meet your agricultural needs and storage requirements.  What depth and height are you going for. Does it need to be a minimum or maximum length to fit in your space? Sometimes it helps to mark out the space you want to utilize in your garden. Marking out where your shed will go, and using the measurements you are looking at will allow you to clearly and quickly get a feel for the space the shed will take up.


What exactly will you use your shed for. Is it going to be used purely for storing tools, is it going to be used as a garage, or is it going to be used to house animals? Knowing what you will use the shed for will allow you to establish what windows and doors you will require. Establishing the shed’s use as soon as possible will allow you to pick, or create a design that is in keeping with its intended purpose.


Do you have a color scheme in mind? Are you looking for a ready painted and stained shed or one that you can decorate further down the line. If you are getting a shed made up to match the current color scheme of your house, will you be happy with this should you change the housing paintwork further down the line? Try and think long-term if you are getting one ready painted or stained.


This is a really important question to ask yourself – What style of shed do I want. For example, do you want a traditional apex roof shed? Or are you looking for a flat roof shed? Designer Sheds are stylish and so the style is important in terms of what you will use the shed for and also how it will look in your garden or outdoor space. Do you want to make a feature out of the shed or do you want it to blend in with the surroundings?

Windows And Doors

How many windows and doors does your shed need to have and how big do they have to be. This will be dependent on what you are going to be using your shed for. So, if you are going to have it as a garage do you want double doors big enough to fit a car through. Do you need much natural light or will you just have the doors open? Are you looking at having glass windows that may break or are you thinking more along the lines of perspex or plastic?

Other Considerations

It is worth considering what security you will use or add to your shed, especially if you are storing expensive tools in there. Another consideration is do you require a permit or special permissions to have a shed built in your garden, especially if it is going to be higher than any existing garden structure, or higher than the neighbor’s sheds. What base will your shed be built on? Will you build on a timber base a modular base or a concrete base. Getting the right base can never be underestimated especially if you are using the shed for heavy items and regular use. You don’t want your shed sinking after a couple of year’s use, so invest in a decent solid base to ensure that this doesn’t happen.
To get the shed you want, why not spend a bit of time drawing out what you envisage your shed and space will look like. Decide what features you must have and what you need and incorporate them to create a shed that suits you and your lifestyle.

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