The Use of Sheet Metal Fabrication in Construction

The Use of Sheet Metal Fabrication in Construction

As far back as the Iron Age, the introduction of iron initially as a material for tools to build or farm with paved the way for future construction efforts. Iron was eventually turned into steel by adding carbon and this presented a plethora of uses that has been utilized since ancient civilizations discovered the use of bronze.
The use of sheet metal is extremely important and valuable in modern day building, manufacturing, and construction sectors. Sheet metal is used in a variety of industries namely car manufacturing, aircraft parts, tools, agriculture, mining, catering, shipping, medical, electronic parts, and construction to name a few.
If you are new to the construction or building sector, you will need to understand the need for sheet metal fabrication, the importance of sheet metal, and what to consider when sourcing suppliers.

Understanding Sheet Metal Fabrication

You would be hard pressed to find a market sector that does not make use of sheet metal fabrication at some point in their product journey. Sheet metal fabrication exists to customize designs and manufacture specific components or materials required for a range of industries.
Essentially, sheet metal fabrication is a process whereby custom metal products are designed and made for a variety of sectors. Different procedures, processes, and techniques are used to bend and shape metal, designed for a plethora of applications. Sheet metal fabrication processes can include but are not limited to water jet, laser cutting, plasma cutting, hydraulic brakes, magnetic brakes, stamping, punching, and welding. As technology evolves and constantly improves, new fabrication processes are identified and applied to offer merchants greater opportunities to design and make metal products or components.
In the construction industry, sheet metal fabrication is especially vital. Sheet metal components are used extensively in industrial and construction processes and industry. Sheet metals can be made from steel, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, tin, nickel, and titanium.

Benefits Of Using Sheet Metal In Construction

Sheet metal is used in the construction industry because of the many benefits it offers, namely;

  1. Strength - sheet metal is renowned for its strength
  2. Resistant - sheet metal is sun, moisture and corrosion resistant
  3. Light - due to sheet metal being relatively lightweight it is easy to transport and deliver
  4. Durable - sheet metal is durable enough to withstand high pressure
  5. Pliable - sheet metal is malleable making it perfect for precision processes
  6. Sustainable - sheet metal is non-toxic to the environment and can be recycled
  7. Repairable - sheet metal can be repaired easily
  8. Availability - sheet metal is available globally
  9. Cost-effective - sheet metal is relatively inexpensive as it is not rare
  10. Quality – sheet metal is of high quality
  11. Quick – lead times on sheet metal fabrication are usually short
  12. Adaptable – sheet metal fabrication can handle both low and high-volume production
  13. Finishes – sheet metal offers various finishing options
  14. Fabrication processes – different fabrication methods are possible with sheet metal

The Best Traits Of Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies

Doing research on which companies offer exactly what you need can be beneficial before employing them for their services. Besides doing the research, you should consider the following traits of sheet metal fabricators:

  • How long has the business been in operation?
  • How long have they specialized in sheet metal fabrication?
  • Who are some of their clients?
  • Which projects have they worked on? Can they provide references?
  • What is their reputation in the industry?
  • What materials and techniques are they experienced in using?
  • Can they customize solutions or offer technical advice or suggestions?
  • Do they have an experienced engineer available for problem-solving?
  • Do they provide installation assistance?
  • What is the average lead time on production and delivery?
  • Do they provide local or international service and delivery?
  • Can you track the order?
  • What are their delivery options?
  • What are their prices in comparison to competitors?
  • Can they provide detailed estimates?

By asking the above questions, one should be able to get a better understanding of the level of competence and expertise offered which should make the buying decision easier. Specialization and experience in sheet metal fabrication are the most important factors when choosing sheet metal fabrication services.
Rapid Direct offers customers customization, fast turnarounds and cost-effective sheet metal prototyping fabrication services that cater to their individual needs. If you require precision metal solutions for construction efforts, you can find out more information here.
Using reliable and trusted suppliers in the construction industry is paramount to proper design, installation, safety, and regulation adherence. Sheet metal fabricators are no exception, their ethos and reliability in producing excellent products and solutions are crucial in construction circles. Fast turnaround times are the third most important factor after experience and customization to consider when choosing a supplier when selecting a supplier. Building a long-lasting and trusted relationship with a supplier who ticks the above boxes is paramount to delivering on excellent and successful projects in the future.

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