The Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs

The Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs

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Mechanical engineers have one of the essential roles to play in the construction industry. With the assortment of career options that are available to mechanical engineers today, their salaries can differentiate to an exponential extent. But did you also know that mechanical engineers have some of the highest paying salaries among all other professions?
In this article, we are going to be talking about the highest-paying mechanical engineering jobs. So if you wish to become a mechanical engineer someday, you know what to expect. But before we move ahead with the article, do not forget to look at this information at GoBridgit that is available for you. It is sure to come to your rescue whenever in need.

Automation Engineers

Sources suggest that the national average salary of automation engineers is nearly $90,024 per year. These engineers are responsible for designing, maintaining and building self-operating machines. They are also supposed to work precisely with each customer and evaluate how seamlessly every task can be automated. That is when an automation engineer begins to program, maintain, design and test the machine.
These engineers are required to stay up to date on all kinds of safety and health regulations. This may contain sanitization. Such significant tasks demand careful timing and precise motions. These engineers mainly function in the food processing and manufacturing sector, where robots are applied to perform a variety of tasks.
Automation engineers must hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with many years of work experience.

Research And Development Engineers

Sources suggest that the national average salary of research and development engineers is nearly $92,781 per year. Their primary duties include manufacturing methods and products. However, they are also responsible for the improvement of existing systems. This is important because it helps foster safety, efficiency and productivity for the best practice.
Research and development engineers are also responsible for building test prototypes, concept designs and launching the latest techniques and products. Since they are also required to solve various problems and create valuable solutions, these engineers need to be highly innovative and analytical. Research and development engineers are supposed to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. However, if they wish to be in the aerospace research department or developing engineering, they should have a PhD.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Sources suggest that the national average salary of Senior Mechanical engineers is nearly $99,376 per year. These experts are required to function with a team to develop, design and plan products. They may also need to work on circuit boards, sensors, electrical systems and mechanical parts that rely on the design team.
These engineers may also assist with executing the manufacturing process and designing. You can also expect them to help with packaging the products. But that is not all. Senior Mechanical engineers may also come in handy to conceptualize products and solutions. They can also spend time building and testing the products, which helps them ensure that they are safe and function as per the designs.
Senior Mechanical engineers may provide technical reviews by writing them. They also help in the improvement of products as soon as they are sold in the market. Above everything else, they may also lead their team and grab a comprehensive understanding of the production method for the best experience. If you want to be a senior mechanical engineer someday, you may require a bachelor’s degree. Also, five years of experience is imperative for you to hold. A Principles and Practice Of Engineering Certification is also high on demand.

Senior Design Engineer

The national average salary of senior design engineers is $100,882 annually. As such, they are one of the highest-paid mechanical engineers in the construction industry. These people have expertise in crafting standout products. They are generally responsible for leading an entire team right from the start of the project via production. They may also act as project managers by working in sync with different clients. This is done to determine their goals and demands, which helps them curate an accurate schedule and budget.
As a result, this helps the entire teamwork in the right direction and improves processes for the upcoming projects. As such, senior design engineers are required to access and communicate any risks. This helps them to determine high-level design processes and lead product testing. There are many other essential functions that one has to offer as a senior design engineer. But to take up this profession, one must have specific educational requirements in the first place. They must have a bachelor’s degree with a handful of years of practical experience. A PE certification is also helpful for numerous candidates as many companies demand it.

Powertrain Engineer

These people have an average salary of about $102,363 annually. These mechanical engineers function in the automotive sector. As such, they are responsible for the improvement of performance and the appearance of engines. These engineers may also look after the powertrain, software in the latest vehicles and electrical components that need attention. Powertrain engineers may also come in handy for working with cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. As such, dealing with semi-trucks and box trucks is no new affair for them. They also function in sync with a host of customers that help them meet their goals. As a result, they also resolve client queries.
The job of a powertrain engineer extends to many more things. They may also help analyze project schedules, build and test prototypes and also research materials. Budget analysis is also a part of their profession. Above all, they also help ensure that vehicles meet the government emissions and safety standards at all times. So, if you wish to become a powertrain engineer someday, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. However, a master’s degree in this field will enhance the value of your passion.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the highest-paid mechanical engineering jobs available for you to scout for. So, why keep waiting? Run through these details properly and analyze which one is most suitable for you. We promise; you will be successful in no time.

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