The Best Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

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Your house needs to be the best place to be. It should be a place where you yearn to be every time. One way of doing this is by incorporating the best home decor ideas for different rooms. However, you don’t have lots of money to execute those luxurious ideas, what should you do?

Home decor doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. All you need is a creative mind. You can get the best home decor on a very tight budget. In addition to your creativity, you can copy affordable home decor ideas from different places.

As you may know, home decor is not universal. Different ideas work in different rooms. A home decor idea for the living room may not work in your bedroom or bathroom. Also, each person has his or her preferred home decor preference.

Do you want to improve the interior design and appearance in your home in a less? Read on as we try to explore different cheap home decor ideas that you should consider implementing.

To make things better we have selected the easiest home decor ideas that won’t give you trouble or require that you bring in an expert.

1. Use light colors in  rooms

light painted house

Do you think that your living room, bedroom or even kitchen look small? You can visually increase its size just by painting them using light colors. Light colors tend to create an optical illusion of a larger room than its actual size.

Painting the rooms with dark colors will minimize the size of the room and make it look smaller even if it is somehow spacious. Also, light colors tend to inject some sense of warmth into the room.

2. Use Mirrors

mirrors in the room

This is another home decor idea that savvy homeowners implement without spending lots of money. You can bring in mirrors into the room and put them at strategic positions in the room.

Just like the light colors, mirrors tend to create an optical illusion of a larger room. They achieve this goal by reflecting the light that is coming in through the door and windows. If the room is large but has inadequate lighting, you can use the mirror solely for the purpose of lighting up the room.

Don’t just go for the basic mirrors. Instead, buy decorative mirrors that have the power of creating visual appeal.

3. Bring in a large piece of art

You can command the attention and dictate the tone of the living room by incorporating a large piece of art. Anyone who gets into such a house or room won’t fail to notice the presence of this massive piece of art.

We cannot ignore the visual appeal that such a massive piece of art can have in a room regardless of the size.

4. Incorporate gallery wall

If adding a large-scale art is not in your mind, you can choose an alternative of creating a gallery wall. A gallery wall usually comes in handy when you want to create a personality in the room.

On your gallery wall, you can add a collection of photographs, wall hangings, artifacts among other collectibles. Most of these things will speak of your personality.

You can create a bigger impact on your gallery wall by using decorative frames that can convey a message about a particular theme. You can mix them up or still choose to go with a particular pattern.

5. Install shelves


Looking for more space in the room? Consider installing shelves. You will be surprised by the floor area that will be able to save just by the simple act of installing nice and decorative shelves.

The good news is you are free to explore different types of shelves based on their sizes and designs. Whether you want a large or small shelf, the choice is yours. You are also free to install shelves in different rooms without any hindrance.

6. Add furniture accessories

furniture handle

Does your furniture look boring and lack inspiration? You should consider incorporating different furniture accessories. There is a wide array of furniture accessories that you can use to improve the interior decor in your home.

One group of accessories that you should consider buying is furniture handles. Do you know that furniture handles can be used for more than their functional purposes? They can play a critical role in improving the interior decor of a home.

There are different handles that are designed for different pieces of furniture. You can buy furniture handles for cupboard, door, cabinet, drawer among others. Also, in choosing furniture handles, you need to consider the room where you are going to install. For instance, stainless steel handles are not only beautiful but also durable.

7. Incorporate plants into your home

image of plant in house

You don’t have to be an environmental enthusiast to appreciate the importance and impact of plants in a home. Usually, plants and flowers go hand in hand. So, by incorporating plants, you will be decorating your home with natural flowers.

There is a wide range of plants that you can use for home decor. Some plants are climbers while others are creepers. You can put different plants at different positions in the room depending on how they grow or their nature.

One of the most popular ways to decorate with plants is by using flower boxes for railings, as they offer a great way to add some color and greenery to your outdoor spaces. These flower boxes can be used on balconies, patios, decks, fences, and even stairway railings.

8. Add Sculptures

Sculptural sconces are good at enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a home. You can also use them to express your personality or send a message to those who come to your house.

9. Add wicker baskets

Would you like to create more space in an artistic and creative way? Consider adding wicker baskets in the living room or even in the bedrooms. These baskets are good for storing those treasures and small accessories. You can keep wicker baskets in the children’s room for storing their toys and stationery.

Since we are keen on the looks, ensure that the wicker baskets that you buy are able to create the desired aesthetic appeal. They should be beautiful and attractive to the eyes. You should also be creative on how you position the baskets in the rooms.

10. Add removable wall art or wallpaper

Are you the type of person who won’t stay with a particular decor for long? Then you should consider a removable wall art instead of permanent paint. With the removable arts, you are free to explore anything that you think will impress you. In case you would like to change the theme of your home, you can easily buy a different wallpaper.

11. Add rugs on the hardwood floor

If you have a hardwood floor, you should consider softening it. This is because although hardwood floors are easy to maintain, they can be quite uncomfortable. The easiest way of softening these floors is by using area rugs.

Area rugs tend to soften the texture of the hardwood floors while at the same inject some warmth into the room. You can also use rugs to express your personality. This is possible if you decide to customize the rags according to your preference.

Choose rugs that have varying patterns, fabrics, and even shape. You can go ahead to experiment with different textures of rags. The good thing about rags is flexibility. You can keep changing the area rags depending on the seasons.

12. Hang a pot rack in the kitchen

Does your kitchen look crowded and would you like to create extra space for your cookware? You should consider hanging a pot rack in your kitchen. This kitchen decor ideal will create extra space in your kitchen.

Hanging pot kitchen racks can serve as display tools. You can display all your classy cooking pots on the racks effortlessly. They also server their primary purpose of storage. You won’t have to fill up your kitchen cabinet.

13. Utilize what you have

Some home decor ideas won’t force you to the shop so that you buy different items. You can easily implement some ideas by using what you have rather than buying new items.

There are several items in your house that can turn the interior design of your home to be more desirable. Some of the things that you can do include:

Arranging candles artistically on the coffee tables and countertops
-Hanging your plates on the wall to create some form of art
-Placing your silver or metal trays beside the table
-Stacking your books in a particular organized pattern
As you can see, you won’t spend lots of money to get these items. All you need is to get creative.

13. Display fabric

Are you into the fabric and would you like to showcase some of your work? Just incorporate the fabric into your home decor idea. A simple tapestry can add some special color and even effect in the room.

You may also consider to frame vintage scarves and other beautiful pieces of textiles. The good thing about display fabric is flexibility. You can change them any time you want without any limitations.

15. Hang an oversized calendar in the room

Small calendars look good in a room and even in the office. But don’t you think they are too common and boring? You can chart your own course by buying an oversize calendar.

The calendar will definitely be the most outstanding element in the room. You can choose calendars that have some arts on them just for the purpose of enhancing their visual effect.

Apart from just the looks, your oversized calendar will still be doing its role of helping you to organize your day.

16. Add a whiteboard or chalkboard

Still, in the matters of planning and organization, you should consider adding a chalkboard or whiteboard into your home decor plan.

If you work from home, then this accessory will be of great value. A chalkboard may also be ideal for the kitchen especially if you want to keep m track of your meal plans.

For the whiteboard, you are free to explore different colors that are available. However, you should choose the color that will match or compliment your interior decor.

17. Small coffee table

If you are living in a small or crammed house, then you should rethink your choice of a coffee table. Instead of buying one large coffee table, consider buying two small tables.

The good thing with small coffee tables is they can be easily moved anywhere without any struggle. You will also be able to save on some space.

18. Incorporate smart lighting

Still, on the issue of space, you should choose home lighting solutions that are ideal for your small home. For instance, you can choose lighting that can be hung from a fairly high point or attached to the wall. These positions will allow light to be distributed equally in a small space.

19. Buy secondhand home decor items

Since we are keen on saving money, one of the ways of cutting the cost is by buying cheaper items. You should not strain when buying some brand new household items. Just get the second versions and they will play their role in decorating your home.
Whether you are looking for furniture or any other item that you think will have an impact on your home decor, go for the used ones. The good news is there are many platforms where you can find such items. However, you should do a thorough inspection to ensure that the quality of the item is not compromised.

20. Add some woodwork in your home

Beautiful woodwork can do a good job of transforming the looks of your home. You should consider adding woodwork on the walls of your home to enhance the exterior visual effect.

The good thing with woodwork is you will have plenty of options to explore. You can choose different types of woodwork that you would like to include in your home decor ideas. Whether you want a base molding, crown molding, chair rails or picture rails.

As you can see, there are plenty of home decor ideas for a tight budget that you can implement. Yours is to choose the ones that you think will deliver the best results in your home.

Even when choosing these affordable home decor ideas, there are still a number of things that you need to consider. Some of them include the existing interior design, the availability of space and even the cost.

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