The Benefits of Sustainable Roofing: 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore

There’s a sustainable roofing style for every aesthetic. With hundreds of options from solar panel roofing, to reclaimed materials, and even creating an ecosystem. There are certainly some more extreme options than others. While all your clients might not want the lawn to be brought to their roof, there are ways to make commercial properties sustainably shine, reducing the carbon footprint of commercial buildings, and creating a greener and safer world for all! Additionally, most green roofing has benefits beyond its environmental impact, including some effective cost-saving features. 

The Benefits of Going Green

Going green doesn’t have to be hard, with a professional Roofing Service such as Tesson Roofing in St Louis Missouri, you can have your cake and eat it too with speedy service, and a large knowledge base that can cater to all your roofing needs! Here are 10 benefits from going green and implementing sustainable roofing on your commercial property! 

  1. Modernity. This is not your mama’s eco-friendly. Gone are the days of boring uses for recycled goods, sustainable roofing is a great example of the practical nature of reclaimed items. Utilizing recycled materials for your roofing project can greatly reduce cost and give a modern look and feel to the roof of any commercial property.
  1. Sustainably Simple. There are plenty of complicated sustainable roofing options, but it can be as simple as any other roofing, specifically in the case that you utilize reclaimed or recycled materials, even installing solar panels is painless, taking just a little extra time to complete, but saving you tons of money in power bills.
  1. Cooler than ever. Many types of green roofing are great for your air conditioning bill, because the science of sustainability is about maximizing energy efficiency. Less cool air escaping your building in the summer means there is less electricity used to counteract the summer heat.
  1. Reduced Heat Flux. In the same vein as keeping cool air indoors during the summer, maximizing the efficiency of your heater in the winter will greatly reduce electric or gas bills, which will most certainly offset the cost of installation of sustainable roofing. 
  1. Breathe Easy. Specifically, when it comes to green roofing, which entails creating a small ecosystem of plants on your rooftop, the air quality around your roof increases greatly, because plants are natural filters. They’ll freshen it up! 
  1. Boost Aesthetic. Sustainable and green roofing is very attractive, it was designed with the goal to be both beautiful and efficient. Why wouldn’t you want a more aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient roof? 
  1. Sweet Peace. Beyond air and water pollution, green roofing can reduce noise pollution as well because plants and their roots are very effective at diffusing sound, ensuring less of it enters the commercial property.
  1. No Flames. Another attractive benefit of green roofing is that it’s a very effective flame retardant. While other types of roofing can even be flammable, since green roofing is made of living plants, it’s much more difficult for fire to spread.
  1. Befriend Nature. Being kind to the planet is an attractive feature of sustainable roofing for most people because it means giving back to the planet that supports you and everything you do! 
  1. Biodiversity. In addition to befriending nature, green roofing allows you to increase the number of types of nature in your area. Green roofs can support many endemic plants which will help preserve the environment.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you’ve been sold on sustainable roofing, it’s a great thing for you and the environment! If you’re looking for sustainable roofing solutions in the St. Louis area, give a call to Tesson Roofing today to explore your options. Go green and make neighboring commercial properties green with envy!

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