Taking A Closer Look At Driveway Paving Options In Dublin

Taking A Closer Look At Driveway Paving Options In Dublin

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It is widely accepted that the largest investment that any individual will make during the course of their life is in residential property.

Property is one of the safest investments in any diversified investment portfolio. Over time property both protects the initial investment of the buyer and provides an opportunity to enjoy significant returns on that investment when it comes time to sell.

However, a house is a home. A place where family and friends can gather and enjoy each other’s company and the fact that they can, at least for a moment, withdraw from the stresses of the 21st century.

However, as an asset, a property requires maintenance and improvement if it is to deliver a superior financial return on investment.

One of the areas where homeowners can add significant value to their homes is by improving the driveway. A well-maintained driveway is one of the first visible cues as to the quality of the property – and first impressions count when greeting buyers.

For those homeowners who are considering installing a new driveway the choice of paving will be an important one. In order to make this choice that little bit easier we have put together a short guide to some of the most popular driveway paving options in Dublin.

  1. Tarmac (Asphalt)

This tops the list as far as popularity is concerned. Tarmacadam is both affordable, versatile, and tough enough to shrug off the effects of hard use. If Tarmac has a weak point that is the fact that standing water can gather on its surface after a rainstorm. However, this problem can largely be alleviated by using reputable paving and driveway specialists to lay the tarmac. These experienced professionals will have drainage solutions that ensure the driveway dries perfectly after inclement weather.

  1. Gravel

Gravel can make a dramatic style statement, especially on longer or rural driveways. It also offers exceptional drainage characteristics, is extremely easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, tough, and cheap to install. Be aware that a mad dash down the drive to greet visitors in stockinged feet will be a painful experience – and gravel drives require topping up from time-to-time.

  1. Concrete

When it comes to durability, it’s hard to find another material that can hold a candle to concrete. A concrete drive is also perfect for those homes built in a minimalistic, industrial, or modern architectural style. Homeowners are today also offered incredible variety when it comes to concrete finishes, gone are the days of being limited to boring grey. Homeowners can opt for bright, however, the most popular finishes are in earth tones such as shades of brown, or sandy beige.

The availability of various finishes as well as the fact that concrete drives offer exceptional value for money (especially when it comes to longer driveways), combined with that class leading toughness and minimal maintenance make concrete an enormously attractive choice for homeowners in Dublin. However, it is worth noting that although concrete drives are tough, they will require periodic resealing if they are to remain in pristine condition.

  1. Block (or Brick) Paving

Block paving has stood the test of time when it comes to its popularity as a driveway paving solution. It offers the homeowner an enormous choice of styles when it comes to the bricks used in paving. This choice extends to shape and color – and these bricks can be laid out in a variety of unique patterns, providing a unique driveway solution for the homeowner.

Those opting for the block paving option in Dublin should ensure that the installer has extensive experience in providing world-class drainage solutions. This is essential as block paving is impermeable – and runoff must be managed in order to both protect the environment and maintain the condition of the drive.

  1. Porcelain Paving

Porcelain paving is one of the more expensive options available to Dublin homeowners. However, it certainly makes a statement. It’s ultra-modern in appearance and porcelain is also low maintenance. The material also makes the control of algae and cleaning a breeze. In many instances, this relatively new driveway material is placed over concrete to increase its durability and load-bearing characteristics.

Choosing the right driveway paving materials for a property in Dublin need not be a daunting experience. The above choices have proved popular due to a combination of attractiveness and utilitarian value – and each is a great choice for any financially savvy and houseproud property owner.


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