Software Integration: Better Construction Productivity

Usually, in organizations that operate in the construction industry, different departments work simultaneously using different software tools that operate in isolated silos. As a result, these varied tools do not integrate, causing information to get stuck in silos, delays in work, and frequent reworks. Further, without a well-integrated platform, construction processes often lead to multiple and duplicate files that are unnecessary, thereby creating confusion and causing mistakes.

To avoid rework due to frequent risks and errors, construction tools need to be integrated with each other. An isolated software application creates isolated work bubbles, resulting in disconnected data and workflow. Integrations make data and notifications available across tools, guaranteeing people are working off the latest and greatest information. With software integration, getting access to information at various levels and across different systems is more manageable. It makes work efficient in terms of quality with reduced risk of error on site. It also helps to avoid gaps in planning and coordination in the management of construction projects, allowing the delivery of the whole lifecycle of information on every project.

The connected approach that is used by these collaborative platforms allows the integration of all software and tools to form a centralized system for accessing and storing data. Additionally, connectivity is ensured between team members and project stakeholders, enabling better communication and collaboration and providing better analysis and outcome. Better flow of data within different levels of an organization also allows for a free exchange of knowledge, insights and experience that benefits individuals and drives businesses toward critical strategic goals. Additionally, it not only reduces time, but also makes sure every person in the team has access to consistent and reliable information.

With the seamless integration with all the leading industry tools like Microsoft Excel, Dropbox, Autocad, etc. and understanding of how construction professionals work, Buildsys fits seamlessly into your day-to-today lifestyle. In addition, with the Buildsys Marketplace, you can integrate with industry-leading Scheduling, Accounting, CRM, Document Management & BIM software. For example, you can sync drawings directly with AutoCAD, use existing Google Drive to set up a 2-way sync with Buildsys or simply use the Buildsys Files app for storage. There is no need to change systems that work or to adapt to new processes. You can easily stay connected, whether working at your desk or on the site.

Today, many companies are opting to work remotely, but they want to stay connected at the same time. In such situations, project managers who have adopted integrated technology have seen increased productivity in their teams through real-time collaboration and communication. Collaborative platforms have proved to be quite effective in providing real-time access to information and updates to all stakeholders right on their phones. With just one updated workspace with all the latest software and construction tools, these platforms have the potential to make the daily work process much smoother.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen an accelerated demand for digital transformation and how technology has increased the efficiency and connectivity amongst team members. This has created a considerable shift in the way construction projects work and has brought about a realization of the benefits of integrated platforms resulting in improved output and transparency of work. One can work from anywhere — the office or the field and access it from the Web, iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. The entire system also facilitates a truly integrated work environment, encouraging collaboration between individuals and improving organizational learning to enable faster decision-making.

Spokesperson: Ms. Yukti Arora, Co-Founder and CPO, Buildsys

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