Services Included In Office Maintenance Contract

An essential component of office administration is ensuring that the cleanliness remains top-notch. That is partly because the first impression a visitor has is based on how spick and span your office looks.
Thankfully commercial cleaning services handle all the jobs with ease, reducing that burden from your head. If you are looking for a reliable company to take care of your office cleaning, here are the services they ought to provide you in the contract.


When the dust settles inside your office, it gives a rather shabby look to it. Unfortunately, the amount of dust that accumulates in your office is mostly in corners and nooks that are difficult to access.
The cleaning company will conduct a diligent assessment of your dusting needs. Every week dusting the surfaces and machinery should be sufficient to get your office looking sparkling every day.

Trash removal

Trash removal is a regular job. They will clear the office recycling bins regularly and ensure that there is no amount of garbage that remains in your office. Apart from taking out the trash, the receptacles and garbage cans need to be wiped and cleaned at the appropriate time.
The office premises impose some specific regulations regarding garbage disposal, and that ought to be adhered to.

Damp wiping

Nowadays, damp wiping with a disinfectant has become all the more crucial. Commercial equipment will be cleaned every day, with more emphasis on cleaning surfaces of bathrooms and other related areas.
Alongside the mirrors and shiny surfaces should be wiped with a spray cleaner. For electronic items like phones and computers, the usage of disinfecting wipes is advised.


How can you have a clean office if the carpets and upholstery are not clean? Vacuuming is an activity that they should do every day, especially if the presence of dust and grime is too much. Foot traffic is a reason why your carpets need so much cleaning work.
Using a vacuum with a HEPA air filter ensures that irritants and allergens are removed, and that clears their presence from the air as well.


These are new age times, and you do not do mopping with the traditional bucket and mop. Instead, most cleaning firms opt for the Microfiber mop system. The split fibers present in a microfiber mop efficiently remove all the dirt that is present on the surface and kill the germs too. Another significant advantage is that the floor does not remain wet for long, thus reducing the chances of any accidents.


Your office has to look presentable as it gives an impression of how disciplined you are. Hiring a cleaning service means outsourcing the job of keeping your premises clean all the time. The above are just some of the services that any dedicated service provider should offer you.
However, the new-age firms are quite proactive and want to give their customers a top-class service. Look for a company that provides you a better deal in terms of the cost and the standard and types of services offered.

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