Roofing Contractor Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Roofing Contractor Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

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When you’re in the market for a roofing contractor, it’s like stepping onto a car lot: you’re met with a slew of options, each with their own promises and guarantees. But as a business owner, the stakes are higher—you’re not just protecting a vehicle, but the very roof over your company’s head.

The Perils of Poor Selection

Choosing a roofing specialist isn’t something to take lightly. I learned this the hard way when I hired what I thought was a reputable service for my bookstore. The consequences? Let’s just say it involved a cascade of books ruined by an unexpected leak during a thunderstorm—a plot twist I hadn’t anticipated.

Ignoring the Credentials

One major misstep is overlooking the qualifications of the professional you’re hiring. Licensing, for instance, isn’t just a fancy certificate—it’s proof of legitimacy and expertise. My neighbor, a café owner, once opted for a cheaper, unlicensed handyman to fix her roof. The resulting patchwork was more akin to a quilt than a sturdy rooftop, and it certainly didn’t hold up when the weather turned sour.

Skimping on Research

Another common oversight is not doing adequate homework. When I first opened my business, in the haste of getting everything up and running, I cut corners on researching my roofing professional. The subsequent repairs needed after a shoddy job cost me more in the long run—not just in cash, but in countless hours of stress and disruption.

The Issue with Underestimating Experience

Experience in the field of roofing is like the seasoning in a chef’s dish—it can make all the difference. A friend in the restaurant business thought he was getting a deal with a new, eager roofing team. But as they say, green wood doesn’t burn; their lack of experience was apparent when a leak sprouted right above his industrial-sized oven.

Dismissing the Importance of Communication

In my early days, I mistook a contractor’s confidence for competence. Communication was my blind spot—I didn’t ask enough questions. It’s crucial to establish a clear dialogue, something I learned when I had to scramble to understand why my roof was taking twice as long to complete than initially projected.

Overlooking Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance is not just aftercare—it’s essential care. I’ve seen many fellow business owners breathe a sigh of relief after installation, failing to consider the longevity of their investment. A colleague neglected to secure a maintenance agreement, only to find her fashion boutique’s chic interior suffering from water damage just months later.

The Pitfall of Price Over Quality

Budgeting is key in business, but when it comes to your roof, cost-cutting can lead to penny-wise but pound-foolish decisions. An associate learned this when he went for the lowest bid to cover his tech store. When the first big storm hit, his discounted roof turned his shop floor into a no-tech zone.

Forgetting to Vet Subcontractors

Sometimes, the person you hire isn’t the one who does the work. I didn’t ask who would be on-site for my bookstore roofing project, a mistake that became evident when I met the subcontracted crew who lacked the promised expertise. Ensuring that the main contractor will oversee the work or vetting the subcontractors themselves is a step you can’t afford to skip.

The Consequence of Ignoring Insurance

Insurance isn’t just another item on your checklist; it’s a safeguard. A fellow entrepreneur skipped this detail, and when an accident occurred on-site, he was left to deal with the financial fallout. Insurance isn’t optional—it’s essential.

Mistaking a Bid for a Contract

The devil is in the details, and nowhere is this truer than in the paperwork for roofing work. I made the rookie error of confusing a bid for a binding contract, a slip that led to a series of out-of-scope costs that weren’t part of my budget. A bid is a starting point; the contract is the journey and destination outlined.

Not Checking for a Warranty

Lastly, the warranty is your safety net. It’s not just about having it but understanding it. A friend didn’t verify the warranty specifics for her roof and was stunned to discover it didn’t cover what she assumed. It’s the details in the fine print that can either save or cost you significantly.

In Summary

Hiring a roofing contractor requires diligence, attention to detail, and a focus on quality and experience over mere cost-saving. The roofs over our businesses are as important as the foundations they rest upon. A well-chosen roofing professional not only protects your physical assets but also safeguards the business’s future.

In conclusion, remember that when it comes to choosing the right roofing contractor, it’s about much more than just finding someone to put shingles on your building. It’s about finding a reliable, experienced partner in the protection and sustainability of your business. Take the time to do it right, and you’ll save yourself not only money but also the invaluable currency of peace of mind.

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Thomas Murray has been providing roofing services and more to the greater Los Angeles area for more than 30 years at

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