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Renovation vs. Remodel: Choose the Right Option

Renovation vs. Remodel: Choose the Right Option

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Halloween is coming. So, the question comes: how do we fix the broken things in the house? You don’t want guests and ghosts to see such worn-out paintings on the wall.

Hence, when it comes to home, it is necessary to choose the right option, whether it is renovation or remodeling. This is because it is an essential part that revolves around what you want to change about the room and the structures you need to change.

Similarly, it will ensure that the paints, the kitchen structure, and the bathroom are in order so that you can live properly. Furthermore, it will ensure that you look to change the old pieces of the house, whether exterior or interior.

Therefore, in the present article, we will discuss the difference between renovation and remodeling and how one can use it to make their house a new one. For that, you need to look into the next section –

Remodeling Vs. Renovation

Renovation means making changes in the old things and making the old structures feel new. This means both the exterior and the interior. Conversely, remodeling means making something new out of something old.

Therefore, the difference comes down to your goal and how you want to foresee the project overall. Here are a few differences that you need to understand –


Renovation is more DIY-friendly than renovation. This is because it is those little things that require changes in the room, like painting, installing floors, and so on. These are the things that can be done by any beginner.

Conversely, in the remodeling process, you need an expert who will ensure that the broken structures are properly fixed. It can be improving the bathroom or expanding the kitchen, where you are required to break the wall.

For remodeling, you need contractors and professionals who can help with the changes you seek in the building. Therefore, you need to visit the website Eight Designs, which is an accredited HDB renovation contractor in Singapore.

Permit Requirement 

You don’t need a permit to make the changes for the renovation process. As the changes are required, this is because these are the minimal changes that are necessary to enhance the house. Mainly, it deals with the changes in the interior and exterior, where the homeowners themselves solve the issue.

Furthermore, you don’t need to go to the authorities or government to give permission for minor changes. Simply, you can just do the material and do it yourself.

On the other hand, for remodeling purposes, you need to change the whole thing of the house. This is mostly changing the electrical wires or installing an AC, where you need to take a full permit to make the arrangements.

Furthermore, it is more necessary for the properties that are registered to take full permits to make the arrangements and change the old things.

Value And Cost 

When it comes to renovation, they are less costly due to the fact that it can be done by individuals themselves. Furthermore, renovations are easier to plan and create a proper budget for better execution.

Also, you don’t need to break walls or resurface the roof area here. It is mostly the simple things where you only have to buy the product. Consequently, the execution can be done by you only.

Conversely, the scenario is different when it comes to remodeling, as you require proper planning. This is because it will cost a lot to plan and then execute the whole process of changing the walls or electrical changes.

Furthermore, for remodeling, you need to hire professionals and contractors, for whom you need to pay hefty money along with material costs. Hence, when you combine all, you will see that the whole process is unable to be kept within a balance sheet.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we can say that everything depends on your project and how you look to make changes in your house. After you fix your thinking process, you can create a budget to help you decide.

Also, whatever you do, you need to plan everything beforehand along with the budget planning and then buy the products. This will help you to sort out your priorities and make your house even more beautiful.


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