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Trends in house’s remodeling

Trends in house’s remodeling

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It’s time to do some changes in the look of your house?

Do you want it to look fashionable and not only be stable and durable for the upcoming years?

Today you can find plenty of options on how to make your house attractive without sacrificing its functionality. And here we will cover some important tendencies. You don’t need to follow fashion blindly, but knowing how to use the achievements of the new technologies will help you to live in a comfortable house.

Most of them you may find on the websites of the remodeling companies such as IDA design & build and usually you can simply adjust them to any foundation, construction and design of the house as well as to your personal ideas and wishes.

Say “Yes” to home office

In the last few years, the situation has significantly changed and many people have to or prefer to work from home. At the beginning it is enough to have a computer and internet but to make the work efficient we advise to think about special arrangements for the house.

First of all, it’s a room itself. Of course, not everyone has opportunities to use the whole room for this purpose but at least you can separate some parts of the living room with furniture or artificial dividers. In any case, the home office should be a quiet place where you can fully concentrate on the current tasks. 

The design of the home office also plays a crucial role. Despite numerous technologies and devices, you should feel comfortable but not too relaxed in this area. Multifunctional desk, comfortable chair, access to the natural light – all these small details are essential. Some people prefer to use as a home office small room in the middle of the house (which before supposed to be a storage room or similar)- in this case a proper lighting will be the most important and difficult part of the arrangements. Warm but bright, it should cover all the areas, especially the one around the working place.

Considering all these points, the project of the home office should be carefully thought over and it’s better if you provide the contractor with all essential aspects for you. Each person has its own preferences and habits, and if you are willing to feel comfortable and be more productive while working in this area, the design is not just a decoration but the way to improve the functionality of this zone.

Usage of textile

Today people like not only a beautiful look but also enjoyable materials to touch. This tendency found its reflection in numerous options to cover traditional surfaces like walls, countertops, windowsill and others with artificial materials which imitate the natural ones. Thus, if you were dreaming about the marble table but cannot afford such a big investment, you can achieve almost the same while using the artificial variants. Moreover, here you will find many more colors and shades than it’s represented in nature. 

Another reason to pay your attention to the textile, as this is the easiest (and cheapest) way to show your individual style and vision of the modern tendencies. There are no limits for imagination and creativity, and you can find a lot of examples in the current catalogs of the remodeling companies. Pale yellow and green or bright pink and purple – the interior of your house can be up to your dreams you never expected to make real. 3D options are becoming one more popular trend as they can help you to empower the original look of the room as well as to make it look more spacious and stylish.

Additional benefit of the textile is that you can easily change the design without making a full renovation. It will save you plenty of time and allow you to use your budget smarter.

Modern technologies on each step

It’s not so easy to implement the technologies of the smart home into our daily life – it requires a lot of investments as well as changes in our habits. But some of the achievements you can use already today without sacrificing your personal preferences. 

Lighting is one of the most common examples. Having one main switcher for the whole room will make your life much easier as now you don’t need to move around the room to switch on and off the lamps. Additionally, thanks to the modern design, you can find options which do not spoil the overall interior and are almost invisible (or can be hidden).

In the remodeling sphere you can find even more examples of how you can get benefits from the technologies. Thus, you don’t need anymore to spend time on visiting numerous furniture stores as you can see all the details of the particular model online – with the IDA’s 3D model. Modern designers and contractors also work very closely with the 3D options which make the planning and projecting of the house’s renovation simpler and more efficient. Seeing the final result, you expect to get according to the project, you can find all the mistakes or change the details before the contractor starts its job. It will save you a lot of time and help to avoid unsatisfactory results when there is no possibility to change. Even if you are not too familiar with the online instruments, you can always ask for assistance from the contractor you are dealing with.

Outdoor areas are important

Even with a small house you can have a lot of areas for relaxation. Terrace with a table and chairs made of natural materials, a summer kitchen or living room, barbeque area and even a swimming pool – all of these will not require a big budget but will provide you with additional areas besides the house itself. Moreover, there is nothing better than to empower your house with more space where you and your family can spend time together and in the open air. 

The main recommendation for arranging such places is the usage of the natural materials you cannot afford to use at home. Today the designers and producers did a big step forward and can provide you with numerous options to make the outdoor area a stylish and adorable extension of the house. Travertine and ipe are just a few of options you can choose from while they are applicable and strong enough for outdoor placement.

Outdoor showers are one more example of how to use the free zones. Modern technologies allow us to enjoy this masterpiece without dapendence on the weather condition in comparison with old times when the temperature of water fully depends on the sun. Today you can arrange the outdoor shower even more efficiently than the one in the house. Additionally, there are no limits in regard to the size of the room so you can enjoy all the benefits you couldn’t afford with the small bathroom.

Support to the environment

Natural materials also look more precious in comparison with plastic and other analogs. Today more and more people are turning from the artificial items to the ones which look classic and even antique. And it’s time to move all the old furniture and authentic decoration from the basement to the visible positions of the house.

Reclaimed materials are one additional option for those who are taking care about the environment. You will be surprised how many options you can find in the huge variety the producers can provide you with. Moreover, modern tendency is to make these materials look more natural so all the imperfections you can find will make your house more unique and original.

The colors matter. Green, brown, gray, white and their combination with the natural materials and textures will help you to create a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of the house regardless of the functions of the particular room. The main areas of usage of these colors are bathroom and kitchen but you can also implement their advantages throughout the whole house.

Also, the “support the environment” approach covers such areas as the electricity and gas consumption, so if these points are crucial for you, it’s better to plan such changes in advance while making the project of the upcoming renovation of the house. The contractor can help you to make your house not only environmentally friendly but also comfortable for all the daily routine you have.

Check the durability

Renovated house will look attractive and wonderful at the beginning, but you as a house owner need to follow up on the durability of such changes. First of all, the surfaces of the house require solid and stable materials which will not be spoiled and will not lose their perfection after numerous cleaning and washing procedures. Kitchen and bathroom in this regard are the most demanding areas, and choosing proper materials for their arrangement will protect you from additional spending for the repair and replacement. 

The most commonly used and popular option in this case is acrylic – it’s provided in numerous colors and shades while it’s one of the most solid and resistant materials for the house’s surfaces. This point needs to be discussed with the contractor for the house remodeling and you can choose the most suitable option for you in regard to its cost and durability.

Of course, trends in the house’s renovation also includes the most stylish colors and design solutions but here you should not follow the fashion in all the details. Thus, the most popular color in 2023 is green but in a few years the tendency can change dramatically and your renovated house will lose its perfection and modernity. The best solution we advise is to pay attention to the more classic options which you can easily adjust with small details in the decoration.


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